Protect critical data and services against attacks, while driving efficient security management processes

Skybox Solutions for Firewall Management

Reduce firewall errors and slash management costs by more than 80 percent

Firewalls require constant maintenance to ensure that they are configured for optimal security, continuous compliance, and high performance.  Manual firewall analysis is a headache for most organizations. Auditing multiple firewalls or large firewall rulesets is time consuming and prone to errors that can leave an organization exposed to cyber threats and compliance risks.

Skybox Security provides organizations with tools to automate the daily tasks associated with firewall management. Skybox imports firewall configuration data from Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Palo Alto, and other firewall vendors and normalizes the data for easy analysis. With Skybox solutions, network managers can automatically create comprehensive firewall audit reports, shepherd firewall change requests through the internal process, and optimize firewalls for best performance. 

Automating firewall management tasks can reduce IT costs substantially, often by as much as $3,000 - $6,000 per firewall, per year. For a company with 50 firewalls to manage, that can easily translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually, allowing highly skilled IT staff to concentrate on strategic security management tasks.

On-demand firewall audits in minutes

Collect and analyze firewall data in minutes with Skybox Firewall Assurance, so you can assess firewall rules and platform configurations immediately for issues that can lead to security breaches or compliance violations. Create accurate documentation for auditors on demand with out-of-the-box reports for PCI DSS and NIST. Reduce IT management time needed for firewall data collection, analysis, and reporting tasks by 80 - 90 percent.

Avoid damaging errors when making firewall changes

Implement a consistent workflow solution, with Skybox Change Manager to manage and streamline the firewall change process—from original business request to completion of multiple firewall changes.  Avoid hundreds of hours in remediation time by identifying potential risks and fixing configuration errors before firewall changes are made.  Reduce the time required to evaluate and implement the changes to support a new network service.

Optimize firewall rulesets for best performance

Improve firewall and network performance by examining large or complicated rulesets and identifying redundant and unused rules. Simplify firewall rulesets for more accurate analysis and faster troubleshooting. Reduce equipment costs by avoiding unnecessary performance-related hardware upgrades.

Medium to large enterprises and government organizations use Skybox solutions to deliver effective firewall management that pays for itself in months. Contact Skybox Security today for an ROI evaluation and a recommended solution to meet your specific firewall management needs.