Protect critical data and services against attacks, while driving efficient security management processes

Skybox Solutions for Security Risk Management

Gain situational awareness to prevent cyber attacks

Eliminate potential risk exposures before a data breach or attack

Effective cyber security programs are laser-focused on finding and eliminating IT security threats before an incident happens.  But identifying all security risks proactively and systematically in a large network is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. So how do you stay ahead of evolving cyber threats?

Skybox Security provides organizations with tools that automate daily tasks for IT security risk management. With Skybox solutions, network managers can maintain a comprehensive view of the network, find and prioritize risks quickly, and validate network changes before they are made. It's no wonder that Skybox is the leading proactive security risk management solution for Global 2000 organizations. 

Map your network topology

Gain visibility of your network topology with a comprehensive model of all your network devices. Examine device configuration settings and policies in the content of the network. Analyze access paths to troubleshoot access or availability issues. 

Perform a daily comprehensive risk assessment

Identify critical security and compliance risks automatically in minutes. Correlate and analyze information about network topology, best security practices and compliance policies, and known vulnerabilities and threats. Justify security investments and tradeoffs for executive decision-making with reports that quantify risks based on asset value.

Prioritize the most critical issues first

Use Skybox risk analysis and attack simulation to conduct a virtual pen test without affecting the live network. Identify most critical risks, including possible multi-step attacks from inside and outside the organization. Get remediation options immediately to respond to emerging threats. 

Validate changes in advance

Minimize the chance of security, compliance, or availability exposures that can result from network change activities.  Highlight potential risks and take corrective action before planned changes such as network reconfigurations, new devices installation, or access changes are implemented in the live network.

Skybox Security makes it easy for enterprises and government organizations to implement security risk management best practices as part of daily network management.