Protect critical data and services against attacks, while driving efficient security management processes

Skybox Solutions for Financial Services Companies

Prevent modern-day bank robbery with proactive Skybox Security solutions

In the financial services industry, real-time security is just too late. Your security program needs to keep you steps ahead of cyber threats. Skybox Security gives financial services organizations the proactive, preventive tools they need to reduce the chance of theft, data breaches, or disruption of critical business services. 

Our financial services solutions help customers:

Prevent cyber criminals from stealing assets and disrupting services
   Find potential cyber threats and block them before criminals can steal private account  information or disrupt key services such as credit card processing. 
  Products:  Firewall Assurance, Network Assurance, Vulnerability Control (formerly Risk Control)

Keep core financial services up and running
  Troubleshoot access and availability issues in record time with a complete map of the entire network topology to visualize problem areas and identify gaps.
   Products: Network Assurance, Vulnerability Control  

Maintain security during daily changes or major network overhauls
  Validate changes in advance by giving the network team a practical "sandbox" to test out firewall rule changes, network configuration changes, or new security controls before they are implemented in the live network.
  Products Firewall Assurance with Change Manager, Network Assurance

Quantify Risks to Support C-Level Decisions
  Correlate data about the network to deliver quantitative information about security risks and operational tradeoffs to high-level business discussions.
  Products:  Vulnerability Control

With some of the biggest global names in banking and insurance as our customers, Skybox Security offers proven solutions to find and eliminate IT security risks. Review our financial services case studies and contact us today.

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Reduce theft and data breaches