Skybox in the News

2014 Computing Security Awards August 28, 2014 Gidi Cohen, CEO of Skybox Security, has been named a finalist for the 2014 Computing Security “Personal Contribution to IT Security” Award.
Wired Magazine June 10, 2014 Feeling outmatched against aggressive attackers? Security managers can take a cue from the pangolin.
SC Magazine June 2, 2014 Skybox Risk Control is part of Skybox View, a complete portfolio of proactive security risk management solutions that automatically find, prioritize risks and drive remediation in a large or complex network before an adverse event occurs.
IT Business Edge June 2, 2014 Beach season is officially here! If you want to spend more time this summer paying attention to the barbeque than your firewalls – then it's time to get your firewalls in shape!
IT Business Edge May 9, 2014 Skybox Security’s vulnerability management solution is an essential element necessary to keep enterprise data and networks safe.
The Wall Street Journal April 30, 2014 Gidi Cohen to Highlight Risk Analytics in the Fight Against Cybercrime During Leading European Security Conference
Wired Magazine April 23, 2014 Predictive risk analytics are the crystal ball for the IT security team. Learn how security professions can use predictive risk analytics to turn tons of security information into focused intelligence, locating risk exposures and fine-tuning their remediation plan.
Wired Magazine April 15, 2014 When you remediate vulnerabilities or consolidate parts of the network, your attack surface diminishes, and so does your risk.
Network World April 7, 2014 Skybox Vulnerability Center featured in Network World's Products of the Week slideshow.
CDM April 1, 2014 Microsoft topped the list of most vulnerable vendors in 2013, in a Skybox Security ranking of vulnerabilities in products that are widely used in enterprise organizations.