Skybox Security Announces Skybox Network Assurance 6.0

San Jose, Calif., Jan. 31, 2012 - Powerful Continuous Monitoring Locates Risky Cyber Attack Routes in Seconds.

Skybox Security, the leader in proactive security management solutions, today announced Skybox Network Assurance 6.0, a powerful solution for continuous monitoring of network infrastructures. New versions of FFIEC, PCI, FISMA and other regulations recommend that organizations put into place processes to systematically and frequently assess and remediate risks to network infrastructures. With Network Assurance 6.0, security managers have immediate situational awareness of potential threats to the network infrastructure, and can interact with complex security information through an intuitive network map interface.


“Large enterprise networks have millions of combinations of access points and network nodes and companies need ultra-efficient security tools to keep an eye on every route through the network,” said Gidi Cohen, CEO at Skybox Security. “Skybox Network Assurance is essential for continuous monitoring of network security, compliance, and availability.”


Skybox Network Assurance 6.0 delivers high-performance network modeling and access path analysis, making it possible to check the configurations of thousands of network devices and provide answers to complex network access questions in seconds. In a performance test of a network with 800 network devices, Skybox Network Assurance was able to determine all routes and destinations accessible from a given access point in less than ten seconds. In comparison, manual route troubleshooting can take a full day and alternative software solutions are 10-50 times slower, making Skybox Network Assurance the fastest solution for immediate access path troubleshooting of large networks. Skybox Network Assurance is deployed in hundreds of organizations, ensuring secure configurations and access policy compliance in networks with as many as 4,000 network gateway devices connecting hundreds of thousands of endpoint systems. 


Skybox Network Assurance 6.0 provides intuitive map-based controls, making it easy for network security managers to examine network topology from a birds-eye view or at the detailed device level. Map-based controls also support filtering, grouping and route troubleshooting from the network map.


Used daily by network security teams to manage network access and prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks, Skybox Network Assurance addresses requirements for continuous monitoring, policy compliance, change management, and security risk management.  The solution helps companies meet regulations such as: PCI 2.0, FFIEC, NERC CIP, FISMA, SOX/COBIT, HITECH Act, HIPAA and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.


“Organizations need to stop treating compliance as a periodic activity and put in place a continuous compliance program that is supported with tools to automate many of the ongoing verification and reporting processes,” said Phil Schacter, managing vice president for security and risk management at Gartner.


Skybox Network Assurance 6.0 provides the most comprehensive view of network infrastructure, merging firewall and network device data from 22 different vendors, including, but not limited to, Cisco, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet, McAfee, Barracuda.


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