Skybox Security Named as Finalist in 2011 GSN’s Homeland Security Awards

October 12, 2011 - Skybox Security, the leader in proactive security management

solutions, announced today that Government Security News has named the company as a finalist for the 2011 Homeland Security Awards in the category of Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution.

GSN Homeland Security Awards celebrates the ongoing public-private partnership between all branches of federal, state and local government in the United States and the private sector vendors of IT security, whose combined efforts successfully defend and protect the nation's people, property and way of life.

Skybox Security solutions identify the most critical cyber security risks in complex network environments and immediately deliver the security intelligence to mitigate those risks. The company’s cyber security solutions are fast, accurate, scalable, and built to be used as a daily security management tool to find and address network misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and other security gaps before they can be exploited.

Skybox solutions are used in the most security conscious organizations in the world, such as five of the 10 largest NATO member organizations, six of the 10 largest global banks, numerous US federal agencies and large energy and utility companies. 

“Over the last year there have been numerous enhancements to cyber security regulations and best practice guidelines that encourage the use of proactive, risk-based solutions,” said Michelle Johnson Cobb, VP of marketing and business development at Skybox Security. “Skybox’s automated security management solutions allow security personnel to systematically tackle critical risks every day and keep up with evolving cyber security needs. We are honored to be recognized as one of the leading contenders within the compliance and vulnerability assessment category.”

About Skybox Security, Inc.

Skybox Security, Inc. is the leader in proactive security management solutions, providing automated tools that find and prioritize cyber risks such as vulnerabilities, firewall configuration errors, and access compliance issues.  Our solutions help IT security personnel continuously monitor security risks that could lead to a data breach or cyber attack.  Organizations in Financial Services, Government, Energy, Defense, Retail, and Telecommunications rely on Skybox Security solutions to reduce risk exposure and achieve compliance.  For more information visit

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