Automation and Workflow for Firewall Change Management

Skybox Change Manager

Automated, secure firewall change management workflow


How It Works

  • Request desired access
  • Identify relevant firewalls and check for existing access
  • Validate that changes comply with network policies
  • Identify increases in risk level by change request
  • Recommend appropriate changes to rules and objects
  • Review the analysis, formalize the rule and object changes, and submit the final change request
  • Confirm the change has been submitted correctly


Change Manager automates the firewall change management workflow, assesses risk of proposed changes before they are implemented, and ensures continuous compliances and complete change management tracking.


Automated Change Workflow

  • Automate the daily management of firewall change requests by automatically identifying relevant firewalls, checking connectivity, and provisioning
  • Web-based out-of-the-box workflow process with easily customized policies helps organizations gain control of their change process.
  • Allows for integration with 3rd party ticketing systems

Risk Assessment of Proposed Changes

  • Compare the proposed changes against internal policies and industry regulations to ensure continue compliance monitoring.
  • Calculate risk by identifying host-based vulnerabilities that will be exposed to a new portion of the network.

Continuous Policy Compliance

  • Ensure and document that every network change complies with customized internal policies and out-of-the-box industry processes
  • Maintain a complete audit trail with assessment, planning and verification of all change requests.