Comprehensive Network Visibility to Troubleshoot Configuration & Connectivity Questions

Skybox Network Assurance

Comprehensive network visibility


How It Works

  • Automatically collect data from all layer 3 network devices
  • Incorporate information on security policies, and regulations
  • Normalize data into device configuration database
  • Automatically generate model and visual map of the network
  • Use the network model to troubleshoot network device configurations, identify and analyze access paths, preview changes, and secure future business services


Network Assurance gathers and analyzes network device configuration data, creating a detailed network model and topology map. Use Network Assurance to find security issues caused by device configuration errors, or troubleshoot access issues and connectivity routes patented access path analysis technology.  The network model is updated automatically, providing a working environment to stage security, compliance or other planned network changes without impacting the live network.


Network Model and Topology Map

  • Provide visibility into your network structure, including the perimeter and access routes, and highlights security concerns.
  • Find and analyze the root-cause of network path connectivity issues across a complex network in seconds.

Analyze Access Paths with Access Analyzer

  • Visualize end-to-end access path analysis from any source to any destination, and validate changes.
  • Display access rules for each firewall or router which allows or denies traffic to easily compare all ACLs, routing rules, NAT, proxies, VPNs and more for the most accurate access analysis.

Verify Network Compliance

  • Validate configurations against out-of-the-box policies for PCI DDS, NIST and NERC and customer corporate policies.
  • Complete reporting capabilities, including daily or ad-hoc reports on compliance metrics and violations.