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Security Posture Management Platform

Our platform provides you with the ability to visualize and analyze hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks, providing full context and understanding of your attack surface.

Skybox platform features and benefits

Attack surface visibility and context

Our platform provides security and IT teams with the ability to visualize and analyze hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks, providing full context and understanding of the entire attack surface.

Network model

Our multidimensional model visualizes all security controls and network configurations across your environment, providing the intelligence and context you need to prevent security breaches. Network maps only show physical connections of devices, while network modeling simulates all possible interactions, analyzes security efficacy, and identifies exposure and compliance risk.

Path analysis

Our network model aggregates data from physical, public cloud, private cloud, and OT networks to provide accurate path analysis across the most complex environments. We map how packets move across devices from the source destination and document any policies, security controls, ports, protocols, or applications that allow packet movement.

Attack simulation

Scanners won’t help you anticipate what a threat actor might do. But we can. Our attack simulations attempt to exploit all vulnerabilities on all assets (even unscannable). Administrators can view simulation results from multiple perspectives, such as threat origin, network segment, business unit, or asset, to determine the best remediation approach.

Risk scoring

Most risk scoring is incomplete and therefore inaccurate. We calculate risk scores by factoring four critical variables, including CVSS severity, asset exploitability, asset importance, and asset exposure that is based on the security controls and configurations in place across the network.

Exposure-based vulnerability prioritization

Our exposure-based prioritization surpasses traditional vulnerability assessments because we calculate the exposure risk. This allows security teams to identify where they are most prone to a cyberattack and focus remediation efforts accordingly.

Introducing Skybox Cloud Edition for Firewall Assurance, Network Assurance, and Vulnerability Control

The first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy in hybrid environments. The most flexible deployment options for prioritizing and mitigating vulnerability and exposures in complex multi-cloud estates.

Protect your cloud journey

Scalable, modern, cloud-enabled solution for unprecedented attack surface visibility.

Increase time-to-value

Easier onboarding and seamless upgrades for instant access to our latest innovations.

Reduce operational burden

Relieve your valuable technical resources of server-maintenance and software-installation responsibilities.

Take advantage of the first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy and vulnerability risk prioritization in hybrid environments with these scalable, modern solutions.

Take the guesswork out of managing your security posture

Vanishing perimeters can make it difficult to assess the state of your security posture.

Increase confidence in your overall security efficacy and improve business resilience. Assess your security estate with a network model that aggregates essential data from a wide range of security, cloud, and network technologies.

Do you want to maximize your current security investments?

Unify and optimize your entire security tech stack across hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT environments. More efficiently eliminate exposures without causing additional tech sprawl.

Third party risk is a growing concern.

Pre-empt third-party risk from causing significant damage. With the platform, you can proactively implement security best practices across your security estate to include security controls, processes, and compliance programs.

Do you want to make better security decisions based on accurate insights?

Dynamically understand your attack surface to better analyze impacts from potential attacks and to validate compliance. Make faster and more precise security decisions that reduce overall risk and the cost of non-compliance.

Take a proactive security posture management approach to reduce cyber risk and prevent cybersecurity breaches before they happen.

Gain greater insight

Its difficult to define a zero trust architecture without attack surface visibility

With a network model, you can establish zero trust posture accurately and quickly. You can easily establish a baseline from where your security posture is today (access, policies) and build for tomorrow.

Maintaining a zero trust architecture is difficult as the business changes.

Once you set policies and have your framework in place the network model will ensure that any changes you make will not violate the zero trust architecture.

It is challenging to maintain consistency across old and new environments when migrating workloads to the cloud.

De-risk cloud migration. With the platform, you can model and analyze cloud workloads to validate that you are migrating in a secure way.

Cloud migration is complex, causing increased risk.

Reduce the likelihood of human error that could lead to a breach. With the platform, you can see all of the various cloud environments and their different tool sets to avoid misconfigurations.

Do you want to de-risk business expansion?

Mitigate risk when expanding into different locations and across various suppliers. With network modeling, you can validate access and configurations.

Our network model visualizes all network elements across disparate environments along with with an understanding of the rules and configurations.

Make smarter, faster decisions

Do you want to reduce your mean time to detection?

Automate and centralize data collection across disparate solutions. Gain visibility across your entire attack surface and security stack to detect security issues faster

Functional silos create redundant work, cause inefficiencies and slow responsiveness.

Security operations and network operations teams can collaborate and close issues faster by viewing common dashboards across the hybrid network infrastructure.

Do you want to reduce mean time to resolution?

Model your network to better visualize and prioritize where you need to take actions and determine optimal remediation options. Choose the best remediation option to meet your needs and reduce MTTR.

Due to infrastructure complexity, its difficult to determine where to focus time and resources.

Conduct path analysis and attack simulation to identify your highest exposure risk. Take action on what matters most.

Transform your vulnerability management program.

Security posture management integration ecosystem

We integrate with the greatest breadth of data sources from disparate environments to power our Security Posture Management Platform and multi-dimensional network model.

The Skybox Platform consumes a large breadth of data from integrations with major vulnerability scanners, configuration databases, asset management systems, network infrastructure, cloud technologies, and OT systems. These rich data sets enable continuous compliance, accurate risk scoring, exposure-based vulnerability prioritization, and precise remediation. Our extensive integrations give IT and security teams the ability to visualize and analyze hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks, providing full understanding of their attack surface and insights needed to reduce exposure to cyber-attacks.

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