Workflow to Assess, Normalize and Prioritize Critical Threats

Skybox Threat Manager

Threat Analysis and Remediation Workflow


How It Works

  • Collect data from threat feeds and the Skybox Vulnerability database
  • Normalized into consistent view
  • Prioritize threats based on relevance and criticality to the network
  • Remediation actions recommended
  • Report on the status of each remediation action
  • Update overall vulnerability status of entire organization


Skybox Threat Manager is a threat management workflow solution that continuously presents the latest update of a threat alert, highlights matches in the systems, and executes queries and business impact analysis to automatically prioritize vital threats for immediate remediation.


Normalize Threat View

  • Provide a consistent, normalized view of all incoming threat alerts and bulletins
  • Eliminate manual review of multiple threat alerts and bulletin repository
  • Pinpoint critical threat origins and possible multi-step attack paths

Prioritize Threats

  • Rank threats by potential business impact and quickly prioritize remediation efforts
  • Augment Skybox Vulnerability Control (formerly Risk Control) with valuable threat feed and severity information that is added to Vulnerability Control's analysis

Remediate and Report

  • Recommend remediation for each threat and automate track remediation status
  • Streamline communication with built-in ticketing and reporting and stay abreast of the newest threat data