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Vulnerability and Threat Management

Discover vulnerabilities, prioritize based on exposure-based risk scores, and close with prescriptive remediation options. Increase time to value and reduce your operational burden with the award-winning Vulnerability Control Cloud Edition.

Watch this demo video of Vulnerability Control to see how you can use a risk-based vulnerability management approach to remediate vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk to your organization.

Our solution

Increase vulnerability assessment accuracy, prioritize, and identify optimal remediation options, and reduce overall business risk.

We aggregate a wide range of data from scanners, security and network infrastructure, various configuration databases, non-scannable assets and more. By viewing vulnerabilities simultaneously through multiple lenses — CVSS severity, asset importance, exploitability, and exposure — we give you the power to target action where it matters most, proactively reducing your risk of attack.

Feel exposed?

Risk continues to rise as cyber-attacks keep growing at an exponential rate.

Take a proactive approach to vulnerability management to reduce the likelihood of a breach. Identify where true exposure lies across your network and prioritize those for remediation.

It is difficult to do an adequate risk assessment when analyzing many disparate data sets from multiple technology vendors.

Develop a proactive process to analyze risk. Centralize your discovery data sources. Better understand how your network security controls map with your assets. Prioritize remediation efforts based on where assets are exposed.

The volume of vulnerabilities and sophistication of attackers makes it difficult to reduce risk with limited resources.

Increase resource efficiency by better prioritizing which vulnerabilities to address and applying the most effective options for remediation.

Do you have the ability to analyze your network to determine where you are exposed?

Fine-tune your risk management approach by identifying where your true exposure lies.

Zero in on what matters to reduce cyber exposure.

Quantify your risk

Do you have a good way of measuring the economic impact of risk?

Get accurate risk scores based on comprehensive exposure analysis. Better prioritize remediation efforts and develop effective plans that reduce the greatest amount of risk.

Utilize your time and resources more effectively by remediating exposed vulnerabilities that are prone to a potential cyber-attack.

Measure the impact remediation options will have on risk scores. Target your resources to quickly address risk with the most effective approach.

Do you need to measure the risk profile of various organizational functions so you can properly assign ownership to risk mitigation?

Identify specific levels of risk across individual business units with accurate risk scoring based on comprehensive exposure analysis.

Learn how to develop accurate risk scoring beyond the limits of CVSS.

Where to start?

Do you have enough alternatives to effectively remediate vulnerabilities?

Take a more prescriptive and effective remediation approach. Choose from a prioritized list of remediation options beyond patching.

It can be hard to determine where to focus remediation efforts to reduce exposure to an attack.

Identify the best remediation approach based both on exposure risk and the predicted outcomes from a selection of possible remediation options.

Want to reduce mean time to remediation and the average time to report a known breach?

Apply more effective remediation strategies to close risk faster. Prioritize which vulnerabilities are most important to address and identify the best from among a selection of possible remediation options.

Conduct exposure analysis to transform vulnerability management

Featured integrations

We collect, normalize, and analyze data from major vulnerability scanners, configuration databases, asset management systems, network infrastructure, cloud technologies, and OT systems. These rich data sets enable timely vulnerability discovery, accurate risk scoring, exposure-based vulnerability prioritization, accurate risk scoring, and precise remediation.

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We strive to provide the best experience possible when deploying our products in your environment. We offer an array of professional services and training packages that are tailored based on your needs. We also have a robust partner ecosystem to provide innovative solutions and add value to your Skybox experience.

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Security Posture Management Platform

Strengthen your overall security efficacy and reduce risks that expose your network to cyberattacks.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Get the full context of your attack surface across hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks. Find where you are exposed to cyberattacks, quantify exploitation risk, prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities, and select optimal remediation solutions.

  • Vulnerability Control

    Find out where you are exposed to cyberattacks, quantify your risk, prioritize vulnerabilities, and choose optimal remediation solutions.

  • Threat Intelligence Service

    Get the full context of your attack surface across hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks. Find where you are exposed to cyberattacks, quantify exploitation risk, prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities, and select optimal remediations solutions.