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Professional Services

Increase your time to value, optimize your resources, and place your bets on the right use cases.

Our methodology

With a focus on a well–defined set of use cases designed to provide incremental value, we help you achieve success quickly, cost-effectively and with as little internal disruption as possible. Our approach is both iterative and collaborative to ensure we focus on use cases relevant to your business. Leveraging an expansive knowledge base built on tens of thousands of implementation hours, we’ll jump-start your company’s engagement. You’ll benefit from:

  • Best-in-class processes
  • Out–of–the–box configuration
  • Rule, and access compliance policies
  • Out–of–the–box workflows for firewall change management
  • Pre–defined reports and dashboards
  • Hundreds of pre–built connectors to various vendors

Professional Services: Overview

Deployment, upgrades and migrations, integration-solutions, assessments and remediations, training, adoption services. A collaborative service built on decades of expertise.

Achieve rapid ROI with Skybox expertise on your side

The Skybox Professional Services team acts as an extension of your internal teams, leveraging a proven 6-step methodology to successfully integrate Skybox into your environment.

Accelerate time to value with Skybox Professional Services

Accelerate time to value from your Skybox deployment with a structured methodology and the proven expertise of Skybox implementation experts.

Your success is our success

Value realization workshop

We help you define the metrics and operations that are most important to your business and will have the biggest impact on your success.

Adoption services

We provide post deployment support to embed Skybox into your operational processes and accelerate time to value. We offer training, on-boarding, accelerated adoption and monitoring, and business outcomes management.

Solution activation

Starting with detailed deployment prerequisites documentation and comprehensive project plan, we work closely with you to integrate Skybox into your organization’s security operations.

Upgrades and migrations

We help you with software upgrades and hardware migrations.

Integration solutions consulting

We provide you with technical development services to integrate Skybox into your environment.

Health check assessments and remediations

We provide consultative services to assess performance and configurations, and implement recommendations.


We provide ample training courses to help you get the value out of Skybox. You can choose from self-guided or instructor-led training of standard or customized courses.

Solutions consulting

Our methodology is designed to help you achieve added value by integrating with other systems and data sources to tackle complex use cases. We consult with you on many areas including integrations with ticketing systems, customization of scripts, and modeling unsupported devices.

Professional Services: Solutions Consulting

Whether you need our assistance with turnkey deployment or technical assurance services, we have offerings to help.

Health Check

We recommend periodic health checks to optimize the value of your Skybox deployment. Our health checks include platform performance, data import validation, network model validation, operational checks, use case, and new features review, and a comprehensive report that details all findings and recommendations.

Professional Services: Health Check

Ensure ongoing, optimal performance of your skybox deployment with an expert review or your implementation.


We provide comprehensive training and certification to our customers and partners. Training courses are customized for both admins and end-users. Course attendees will become familiar with the variety of features and customizations to maximize the usability of their Skybox solution and minimize oversight.


Get end-user and admin training for vulnerability management and network security policy management solutions.

Featured integrations

Our integrations give you visibility across the key elements of your ecosystem. You can easily identify exposure because you understand the relationships between key data sources and the network.

You have problems? We have solutions.

Let’s talk

Would you like to learn more about Skybox products and services or explore which use cases best suit your needs?

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