Protect critical data and services against attacks, while driving efficient security management processes

Skybox Solutions for Cyber Defense

Unparalleled situational awareness to prevent cyber attacks

Cyber attacks and infiltrations against civilian government, defense, and critical infrastructure are attacks against national security. Understanding both cyber threats and advanced persistent threats (APT) and blocking potential attack vectors before they occur is a difficult challenge. To protect networks, you need the best view of the network battlefield, a comprehensive understanding of vulnerabilities and potential threats, and the ability to assess complex situations and identify countermeasures in seconds.

Provide situational awareness of all cyber-based systems

Map and model network environments with hundreds of thousands of nodes, giving personnel the detailed information needed to visualize and proactively address cyber threats.

Maintain security of command and control systems

Maintaining the security of cyber systems is an ongoing activity. Keep firewalls and networks securely configured at all times and validate every planned change before it’s implemented, reducing the chance of infiltration or attack. Triage cyber threats by damage potential and likelihood of attack. Find all access routes that are open to an adversary, and recommend options to prevent infiltration or exfiltration of classified data.

Testing and training environments

Compare live and "what-if" models to show the security impact of a set of planned or unintended changes to the network, and confirm the effectiveness of existing security systems and countermeasures.

Skybox Security solutions provide network modeling and attack analysis for military and intelligence agencies in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With Skybox, defense organizations have the information they need to anticipate attacks to defense systems and networks, and identify likely routes of infiltration by adversaries.