Skybox Security Professional Services

Skybox Professional Services encompasses many aspects from deployment services to end-user training. The Professional Services team of experts helps organizations:

  • Achieve compliance, integrate disparate systems, and add value to third-party products. The scalable and modular nature of the platform allows for integration of network devices and vulnerability, asset, or remediation information for more effective security management.
  • Thoroughly review network architecture and security processes to ensure organizations have the visibility and actionable reports they need.
  • Understand the appliance with mentoring and basic administrator training. We provide your security staff with use examples and hands-on interactive training to arm them with the skills necessary to administer and maintain Skybox solutions.
  • Navigate security guidelines and deliver custom enhancements to align with your existing security processes and best practices.
  • Optimize their Skybox deployment to best fit their organization. The Professional Services team helps customers formulate a customized deployment strategy, properly setup and configure the platform, and complete the knowledge transfer.
  • Derive more value from their solution through training programs, consulting, and mentoring. Training programs cover basic administration, risk management, and advanced topics customized to fit the unique needs of the organization.

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