EU GDPR is Coming: Are you prepared?

Skybox Blog Team June 15, 2017

On May 25, 2018, any organization that handles European Union residents’ data must have established processes and procedures compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Businesses are obligated to implement technical and organizational measures to show data protection has been woven into all their data processing activities.

Why should you care about EU GDPR?

GDPR will require businesses to identify and protect sensitive personal data of EU citizens (the regulations also expand the definition of personal data to include online identifiers, such as an IP address). According to Intralinks, 50 percent of global companies saying they will struggle to meet the rules set out by the EU unless they make significant changes to how they operate. Are you one of them?

Perhaps we should take a step back: do you know if you’ll need to comply with GDPR? Here’s a few questions to ask about your organization:

  • Do you have employees or business units in the EU?
  • Do you have EU–resident users or customers?
  • Does your organization need to process or retain personal data relating to EU residents?

If you answered yes (or “I have no clue”) to any of those questions, you need to sign up for the webinar, GDPR Myths and Misperceptions: Sifting fact from market hype.

Get the full story before GDPR enforcement — and its fines for non–compliance — kicks in. Register for the webinar with IDC’s Associate VP of European Security Duncan Brown, one of the leading voices on EU GDPR, on Thursday, June 22. Learn what’s really required under the new regulation and ask an expert questions still troubling you. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Where and to which organizations the law applies (most likely, to yours!)
  • What fines will be enforced and what price tag they carry
  • What it means to be non-compliant (e.g., does the law apply in the absence of a breach?)
  • How EU GDPR compares toc other regulations, such as PCI

The clock is ticking — don’t get caught out. Register today and get the insight needed to effectively implement an EU GDPR strategy in time.

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