Simplify Cyber Risk Management: Introducing Skybox 10

William Grove Jun 14, 2019

Skybox 10 is here!

The cybersecurity industry is continually evolving, with new threats, priorities and network elements springing up all of the time. Our customers are always fighting for the best innovation to help them to secure their organizations, and we are too. That’s why we’re continually evolving the Skybox® Security Suite and why we’re excited to share Skybox 10, its latest iteration, with you.

Why did we create Skybox 10?

Ultimately, we created Skybox 10 because we’re constantly striving to relieve the pressure being felt by the CISO and enterprise security teams. These are professionals who are working within complex environments which are only set to become more elaborate and headache-inducing — with Skybox 10, we’re simplifying cyber risk management and making life easier both for security leaders and for those in the trenches.

Complexity is the biggest challenge currently facing CISOs. According to Cisco’s [SR1] 2019 CISO Benchmark Study, 65 percent of respondents “do not find it easy to determine the scope of a compromise, contain it and remediate from exploits.” It’s become impossible for CISOs quickly understand and effectively manage security in today’s multi-cloud, hybrid environments. In light of this situation, organizations seem to be looking to simplify where they can: Cisco reports that 63 percent of businesses now have 10 or fewer vendors in their environment, up from 54 percent in 2017.

With Skybox 10, we’ve strengthened Skybox’s capabilities to further simplify enterprise security management processes that oversee mass-scale, hybrid networks.

This simplification of cyber risk management will enable CISOs to find the focus they need to maximize the value of their teams and their technology: Skybox 10 makes it easier to manage security policies in clouds, monitor risks to industrial control systems, and find important assets at risk. It’s the solution that will enable them to secure their organization and support its overarching business objectives.

Skybox 10 also provides a new REST API to leverage Skybox intelligence in other tools and processes used throughout their organization – this, in turn, increases their ROI. And Skybox 10 includes more integrations than ever before, including Splunk, ElasticSearch, ServiceNow, and TwistLock – a tool which provides visibility to the security of containers in cloud-native applications.

  • Skybox 10: Reducing Complexity

This all amounts to a solution which tackles the problem of complexity head-on. By simplifying cyber risk management, unifying policy management across hybrid networks, and providing concrete knowledge about asset vulnerability risk, Skybox 10 enables the CISO to work with far fewer limitations.

More information about Skybox 10 can be found on this dedicated site.

William Grove is Skybox's Senior Content Marketing Manager. William has over 8 years of experience, primarily focused on enterprise-level B2B tech communication.

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