Resident Engineer

Location: Remote Budapest, Hungary
Department: Professional Services

Job Description

The Resident Engineer is a remote position that provides dedicated support to a Skybox customer located in Hungary, Budapest.

This position will report to our Skybox Resident Engineering Manager, and take daily work direction from the customer.

Job duties include operation, management, administration and maintenance of the Skybox system. This is a Senior level role and expected to have a minimum of 5-7 years of experience across a variety of technical disciplines as identified below:

  • Running and delivering data, reports and other outputs and data exports as provided by the system and requested by the Customer.
  • Set up user configurable settings and administrative activities including:
  • Adding or removing users, roles, groups and permissions
  • o Adding or removing devices already covered by import tasks and processes to / from the system. This is not to replace deployment services of new modules or devices usually performed by Professional Services.
  • Monitoring for stale devices, device import and connectivity errors with devices, and working with internal customer teams to correct any issues with device or data imports and general model maintenance
  • Monitoring the system for proper operation according to Skybox specifications, determining if there are any issues with the Skybox product by reviewing system logs and submitting support cases to Skybox, and consulting with Skybox teams for guidance on possible work-arounds as applicable.
  • Proactively monitor support cases, follow up as needed with Skybox teams until solution is provided and manage escalations of support cases as needed.
  • Working with both the customer teams and Skybox teams on ways to use or improve the use of Skybox within the customer processes and providing input to the Customer and Skybox Professional services.
  • Coordinating requests from and/or meetings between customer teams and Skybox teams as required.
  • Operating and maintaining the system and system health by performing a checklist of operational and health check tasks provided by Skybox.
  • Testing and deploying updates to the Skybox system, adhering to the Customer’s internal upgrade practices and policies.
  • Managing issues on the system and reporting them to Skybox Support via support cases, and handling support cases and their resolution, handling priority and escalations with Skybox Support.
  • Working with Skybox Professional Services (PS) on any active PS project activities.
  • Gathering requirements for new projects and interface with Skybox PS to scope and document new PS services and work closely with Skybox PS as new projects are deployed.

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to either as a link or as plain text, in the body of the email.