Get the Big Picture and the Details

Through integration with 120+ security solutions and advanced network modeling, Skybox gives you the visibility and intelligence you need to make informed security decisions and strategy. Skybox breaks down the data silos of your existing solutions to build a dynamic attack surface model, using the context of your network, vulnerabilities and threats to accurately prioritize risk. Our automation and workflows streamline processes to keep you continuously abreast of your security posture and respond to threats quickly with efficient, intelligent action.

Conquer Complexity with Intelligent Automation

Skybox ensures secure, reliable access and connectivity for large, complex government networks, using end–to–end path analysis to troubleshoot access issues, as well as identify potential attack vectors and risks that could be introduced by changes to the network.

Skybox network modeling provides government agencies with complete visibility — from your physical networks to public and private clouds. See the context of your network devices and security controls to know how they work together or leave you exposed.

Continuous Monitoring for NIST, FISMA and More

Skybox makes it easy for government agencies to ensure continuous compliance with FISMA, NIST, CDM, CSIP, STIG and other mandates. Our solution automates security policy compliance audits to check compliance at any time or at scheduled intervals with minimal management. Skybox delivers out–of–the–box reporting based on NIST, NERC and PCI DSS policies, as well as custom policies unique to your government agency.