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Attack surface management

Growing complexity spurred by rapid technology expansion, network transformation, remote workers, and growing vulnerabilities, makes it challenging to get your arms around the entire attack surface. Get the contextual insight you need to manage your attack surface.

See the bigger picture

You are open to risk when you can't see all attack vectors where an unauthorized user can access your systems and extract data.

With Skybox, you can see across your entire attack surface to better secure it. We discover, collect, normalize, and optimize data across all your disparate security and networking technologies.

Fragmented infrastructures with multiple vendors and technologies have increased complexity and security risk.

With a network model, you can gain the contextual insight you need to make data-driven decisions. You have the power to prevent breaches rather than reacting and responding to incidents once they occur.

Extreme complexity is too much to navigate with limited resources.

With increased visibility, you can focus your resources and use automation to manage workflows more efficiently.

See how our network model allows you to analyze the efficacy of security controls and accurately identify exposure and compliance risk.

Today’s attack surface requires tomorrow’s architecture

Preventing misconfigurations that lead to breaches and compliance violations becomes increasingly difficult as architectures grow more complex.

Optimize configurations and eliminate errors. We provide a unified view of your hybrid infrastructure so you can proactively address misconfigurations, risk analysis, and threat modeling.

Do you struggle to decide what security controls are needed for internal IT networks versus what to manage with private and public cloud networks?

Reduce the probability of misconfigurations and decrease your risk profile. By optimizing data across multivendor hybrid networks, you gain valuable insights.

Operating multiple vendor technologies causes a significant drain on resources.

Increase efficiency and reduce your operational costs. Eliminate friction between DevOps and SecOps by unifying processes and automating workflows.

Eliminate your organization’s riskiest vulnerabilities across a growing attack surface.

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