Skybox Security Through the Years


Skybox was founded by Gidi Cohen, CEO


First product innovation sold to customers - Skybox View


Vulnerability & risk management and compliance products launched


Firewall Assurance is launched


Network Assurance and Change Manager products launched


The Skybox platform is enhanced with Vulnerability Control


Skybox version 10 is released

See around corners

Massive fragmented networks, decentralized, inconsistent configurations and change management processes, unsafe cloud and network configurations and the continual increase in vulnerabilities have created the perfect storm. CISOs and CIOs are turning to Skybox to get ahead of these threats, with better visibility across their infrastructure, gain intelligence and insights around potential risk and compliance exposures, and make informed decisions on their future security strategy and programs.

Focus on strategic business initiatives

Our unified security posture management platform provides Security and IT teams complete visibility, analytics and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities across your organization. And intelligently optimize security policies, actions and change process across all corporate networks and cloud environments. With Skybox, your security team can now focus on the most strategic business initiatives while ensuring your business remains protected.

We keep good company

Over 500 security-conscious enterprises rely on Skybox for insights and assurance required to ensure their business remains protected.

Our Team

Gidi Cohen

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Gidi Cohen co-founded Skybox in 2002 and has guided the company’s vision and development as ...»

Ami Ben–Dror

Chief Information and Security Officer

Ami Ben-Dror is an experienced leader in developing, implementing and managing worldwide ...»

Claire Darling

Chief Marketing Officer

Claire Darling is a data-driven, modern marketing executive with a proven track record ...»

Ron Davidson

Chief Tech. Officer & Vice President, R&D

Ron Davidson is an honored, 30-year tech veteran who ...»

Moti Dror

Vice President, Customer Care

Moti Dror, Vice President of Customer Care, has more than 15 years’ experience in network security. ...»

Paula Ewanich

Chief People Officer

Paula Ewanich has more than 15 years’ experience building highly valued HR teams while ...»

Haggai Polak

Chief Product Officer

Haggai Polak is a cyber security product management executive with a passion for ...»

Rob Rosiello

Chief Revenue Officer

Rob Rosiello is Skybox Security’s Chief Revenue Officer ...»

Our Board Members

Gidi Cohen

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Gidi Cohen co-founded Skybox in 2002 and has guided the company’s vision and development as ...»

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews is a principal on the Providence Strategic Growth team and is based in Boston. Prior to joining the Providence Strategic ...»

Doug Behrman

Doug Behrman is a Director at CVC Growth Partners, having joined the firm in 2015. Prior to joining CVC, he worked at  ...»

Jason Glass

Jason Glass is a Partner at CVC Capital Partners and a co-founding partner of CVC Growth Partners, having joined the firm in 2014. Prior to ...»

John Clancy

John Clancy is a managing director and head of portfolio operations in our Boston office. He leads the portfolio operations team and ...»

Tom Reardon

Tom Reardon is a managing director in our Boston office. Previously, he was a general partner at WestView Capital Partners and focused on ...»

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