Skybox Change Manager

Automated rule life cycle management which turns complex requests into a secure and easily managed workflow

Skybox Change Manager

Change Manager ends risky changes with its automated modeling capabilities and closed-loop rule life cycle management.

Secure, Automated Firewall Change Workflow

Take control by fully automating your firewall change management processes. It improves communication and efficiency and guarantees that changes are made as intended - without introducing new risk.

Validate proposed firewall changes by checking for access and rule policy violations, as well as new vulnerabilities. Change Manager introduces end-to-end rule lifecycle management, enabling you to secure your infrastructure and optimize your firewalls.

Highlighted Features

Change management automation

standardized workflow
80% reduction in change management time

Automated risk assessment

Changes won’t expose vulnerabilities
always stay in compliance

Rule recertification workflow

Cradle-to-grave rule life cycle management
clean, optimized firewalls

How It Works

Automated Change Workflows

Ensure accurate change planning and implementation within the context of your network while reducing the chance of human errors and rollbacks of incorrect changes. Change Manager automatically identifies relevant firewalls, checks connectivity and speeds provisioning.

Web-based, out-of-the-box workflows are easily customized to fit your policies and integrate with third-party ticketing systems.

Firewall Change Manager - Skybox Security Change Manager - Capabilities

Proactive Risk Assessment

Put security first by checking to see if a proposed change will expose new host-based vulnerabilities and to prevent policy and compliance violations.

Ensure changes meet intended business needs, and let Change Manager take care of all tracking and reporting for a complete audit trail.

Firewall Change Manager - Skybox Security Change Manager - Capabilities 2

Rule Recertification Keeps Firewalls Clean

Contain runaway firewall rulesets by setting customized review dates based on risk.

Rule recertification workflows calculate change risk, automatically generating tickets which the rule owner for rapid verification about whether to make any necessary changes or terminate unneeded rules.

Firewall Change Manager - Skybox Security Change Manager - Capabilities 3

"Skybox provides a fully-fledged workflow that we can roll out to all of the key teams in IT"

- David Robinson, Security Consultant, Capita

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