Skybox Horizon

Cutting-edge attack surface visualization solution powered by indicators of exposure

Skybox Horizon

Horizon provides unprecedented visibility of the attack surface, including indicators of exposure, giving the insight needed to build a security management program ready to take on cyberthreats.

Advanced Attack Surface Visualization

Integrated with the Skybox Security Suite, Horizon uses contextual intelligence gained from the consolidation and analysis of a variety of data sources to create a visual, interactive model that links network topology, connections and organizational hierarchy.

Horizon automatically finds indicators of exposure (IOEs) — such as unsecure device configurations, risky access rules and exposed, exploited and exploitable vulnerabilities — to give CISOs deep insight into the state of their security from the widest possible range of sources.

Highlighted Features

Visualize Your Attack Surface

unify data from multiple vendors and sources
view risk from different perspectives

Focus on Indicators of Exposure

see critical issues at
a glance
filter based on exposure types or risk level

Communicate More Effectively

report security status to the board and executives
support strategy
and investments


Attack Surface Visualization Solution - Skybox Security Horizon - Terminology

What’s an Attack Surface?

Everyone’s got one, but few know what it looks like. The attack surface is the sum total of all the ways in which an IT infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberthreats. Horizon brings your unique attack surface into a single, comprehensive view and provides insight into IOEs.

Attack Surface Visualization Solution - Skybox Security Horizon - Terminology 2

What are Indicators of Exposure?

A complement to indicators of compromise (IOCs) used to detect attacks that may have occurred, indicators of exposure (IOEs) give insight into potentially exploitable attack vectors before an incident actually takes place. They include issues such as exposed, exploited or exploitable vulnerabilities, unsecure device configurations and risky access rules.

Advanced Attack Surface Visualization

With complete visibility of your network — on-prem, multi-cloud and OT — you have the context needed to make key security management decisions in the face of rapid change, growth and complexity.

Horizon gives security leaders fast insight to their entire attack surface as well as exposures to threats so they can:

  • Take prioritized action against their biggest risks
  • Improve strategy
  • Communicate security issues throughout the organization


Skybox Horizon: Attack Surface Model

Comprehensive and Detailed Views

Using the interactive attack surface model, drill down to specific sites or networks for quick summaries or zoom out for panoramic visibility across an enterprise.

Focus on specific IOEs and risk levels for customized, layered attack surface views.

Device-level visibility

Security Status Reporting

Visually and quanitfiably report to the board and executives the security status of your entire attack surface or specific business units or locations. Quickly show areas under imminent threat or network weaknesses, ensuring security is front and center across the organization and enabling informed, strategic decisions.

Horizon also provides quick comparisons of current and past IOE levels and charts IOE trends over time, so you can easily track progress toward internal security goals or compliance requirements.

Indicators of Exposure

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Infographic: Indicators of Compromise vs. Indicators of Exposure

Familiar with indicators of compromise (IOCs)? See how the new approach from Skybox uses indicators of exposure (IOEs) for proactive response to cyberthreats and security weaknesses.

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