Skybox Vulnerability Control

Risk-based vulnerability prioritization and scanless vulnerability assessment

Skybox Vulnerability Control

Skybox Vulnerability Control eliminates blind spots and shows how vulnerabilities and threats could impact you, prioritizing remediation in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Control supports a systematic, focused approach to vulnerability management to deliver intelligent risk reduction unlike any other vendor.

With total attack surface visibility and continuous threat intelligence, Vulnerability Control analyzes risk in the context of your vulnerabilities, assets and infrastructure, as well as exploits in the wild.

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no more
blind spots


vulnerability data

Risk-Based Prioritization

asset, network
and threat
risk scoring


options tailored to
your network
tracking and
risk monitoring

How It Works

Vulnerability Control - How it Works

Scanless Vulnerability Assessment

The scanless assessment feature utilizes data repositories such as patch and asset management systems to discover vulnerabilities on assets even in "unscannable" network zones and on network devices. It also automatically collects, normalizes and merges results from third-party scanners, filling in blind spots and creating a centralized, always-up-to-date vulnerability repository.

On-demand vulnerability assessment gives you the power to detect and respond to emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities not in days, but hours — even minutes.

All Vulnerabilities Overview in Skybox Vulnerability Control

Risk-Based Vulnerability Prioritization

Vulnerability Control uses the context of network topology, security controls, asset importance, exploit availability and more to quickly identify your vulnerabilities most likely to be used in an attack.

Exposed and exploitable vulnerabilities on critical assets are highlighted as a top priority and receive the highest Skybox risk scores, focusing remediation efforts where it matters most.

Asset Risk Overview in Skybox Vulnerability Control

Remediation Planning to Tackle
Imminent Threats

Vulnerability Control alerts you to available patches and prioritizes those patches based on their impact to risk reduction. It also notifies you of available IPS signatures that would thwart potential attacks on the vulnerable asset.

Thanks to its insight to network topology and security controls, Skybox can also help identify network-based changes — to ACLs and configurations — that will mitigate risk when patches aren't deployed.

"It’s about being able to focus our efforts on the right things, for the right reasons, in the shortest amount of time"

- CISO, National Federal Credit Union

Vulnerability Assessment - Skybox Security Vulnerability Control - Case Study

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Tech Brief: Skybox Risk Scoring

Exposure and exploitability-based risk scores highlight critical-risk vulnerabilities, assets and groups. Straightforward and customizable risk scores let users measure and track risk levels over time.

E-book: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

See how Skybox manages the entire vulnerability life cycle, from discovery to prioritization, remediation planning and oversight, focusing attention on the small subset of vulnerabilities most likely to be used in an attack.