Skybox Vulnerability Control

Comprehensive vulnerability management software with scanless vulnerability assessment

Skybox Vulnerability Control

Vulnerability Control goes beyond scanners, using attack surface context and analytics to fill in blind spots, prioritize risks, and focus remediation efforts fast.

Context-Aware Vulnerability Management

Skybox Vulnerability Control combines data from all your scanners, vulnerability and threat intelligence sources and more to bring all your vulnerabilities into the light.

With total network visibility and continuous threat information, automatically analyze business risk and prioritize remediation activities within the context of your network.

Highlighted Features

Scanless Vulnerability Assessment

immediate response to new vulnerabilities and threats

Context-Aware Vulnerability Prioritization

based on your network
latest vulnerability intelligence

Attack Simulation

same-day pen testing
battle-ready networks

How It Works

Detect Vulnerabilities Without a Scan

Find vulnerabilities on network devices and “unscannable” systems, and fill blind spots between active scans. The Vulnerability Detector feature utilizes data repositories like patch and asset management systems to discover risks.

On-demand vulnerability assessment gives you the power to respond to emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities not in days, but hours—even minutes.

Vulnerability Assessment - Skybox Security Vulnerability Control - Capabilities

Simulate Attacks to Strengthen Your Defenses

Discover attack scenarios from any threat origin, on any target exploiting any known vulnerability.

Harnessing the power of the Skybox network model, run virtual pen tests on your network every day and quickly improve security around critical assets.

Vulnerability Assessment - Skybox Security Vulnerability Control - Capabilities 2

Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation in Context

Define what “critical risk” means for your organization—not just by severity rating—and better protect what matters most to you.

Context-aware analysis finds vulnerability hotspots, and remediation recommendations tell you the best next steps to reduce risk.

Vulnerability Assessment - Skybox Security Vulnerability Control - Capabilities 3

"It’s about being able to focus our efforts on the right things, for the right reasons, in the shortest amount of time"

- CISO, National Federal Credit Union

Vulnerability Assessment - Skybox Security Vulnerability Control - Case Study

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