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Skybox solution for operational technology security

Industrial strength OT security for an industrial world. Get the most comprehensive set of security posture management tools to centralize, automate and connect your IT and OT network.

Learn how to:
  • Unify your hybrid IT-OT environment into central repositories, a standard reference model, and a centralized management platform.
  • Compare the aggregate access of your network to the access designed in your security policies.
  • Analyze access end-to-end to troubleshoot connectivity issues and protect critical assets.
  • Identify exposed and exploited vulnerabilities to mitigate effectively.
  • Automate and orchestrate processes to maintain uptime and avoid costly or dangerous disruptions.

Operational technology (OT) networks and critical infrastructure encompassing industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) are quickly becoming more prevalent attack vectors and targets. Without visibility of the devices, connections, and security posture of OT networks, critical attacks and breaches will slip through the cracks. Companies with OT infrastructures need a security posture management tool to centralize, automate and connect IT and OT networks. In addition, the security teams hired to protect OT depend upon seamless visibility, contextual intelligence, and analytics-driven automation to reduce risk from exposures and establish consistent security policies in both your IT and OT networks.

The benefits of the Skybox solution for OT include:

  • Bring on-premises, multi-cloud, and OT environments into a single and complete model of your attack surface.
  • Analyze paths from any source to any destination within and between hybrid networks.
  • Find exposed vulnerabilities anywhere in your organization and prioritize remediation based on risk.
  • Strengthen security to maintain uptime and avoid disruption.

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