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Security Posture Management Platform

Improve security posture with a platform that visualizes and analyzes hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks, providing full context and insights across your attack surface.

Learn how to:
  • Create mature, consistent, and enterprise-wide security posture management programs.
  • See every inch of your organization to protect it better.
  • Stay ahead of a dynamically changing attack surface.
  • Gain the context you need to solve security challenges better and faster.
  • Optimize resources across organizational silos.

Digital transformation has accelerated, organizations have rapidly migrated to the cloud, and security has become exponentially more complicated. With the continuing increase of cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, companies need a security posture management solution to accurately determine cyber exposure and eliminate the most critical risks.

With Skybox Security Posture Management Platform you can:
  • Automatically analyze rule sets, platform configurations, and usage information.
  • Develop an accurate model of your entire hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT environments.
  • Efficiently orchestrate and automate your network, firewall, and change management processes.
  • Leverage customizable, context-aware workflows.
  • Enable connectivity while maintaining continuous compliance.

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