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Cyber Risk Management

Quantify cyber risk. Prioritize remediation. Automate to reduce risk of human error. Minimize exposure and financial impact of a breach.

Skybox provides automated cyber risk quantification capabilities that allows you to identify and prioritize their most critical threats based on the size of financial impact. You can prioritize critical cyber risks based on vulnerabilities that are exposed and exploited in the wild. Target risk mitigation on the most significant risks with remediation options that go beyond patching. Make data-driven decisions as you navigate the risks and opportunities of digital transformation. Calculate ROI of cybersecurity budgets to validate investments and report on the financial impact.

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With the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform you can:

  • Automatically map and visualize your attack surface to determine the best remediation options to reduce cybersecurity risk exposure on a continuous basis.
  • Gain full context of your attack surface to find where you are exposed to cyberattacks, quantify the risks of exploitation, prioritize vulnerabilities and provide optimal remediation options to reduce the highest levels of risk.
  • Automatically analyze rule sets, platform configurations, and usage information across hybrid and multi-cloud environments for compliance reporting, rule-based optimization, and policy re-certification.
  • Leverage customizable, context-aware workflows that automate the provisioning, deprovisioning, recertification, and normalization of application connectivity and firewall rules.

Skybox platform capabilities to reduce cyber risk

Asset and vulnerability discovery

With comprehensive visibility that discovers blind spots that active scanning solutions can’t reach, customers gain a complete picture of their unique hybrid attack surface. The Skybox Platform aggregates multi-vendor scan data from across a customer’s environments and discovers vulnerabilities across unscannable cloud workloads.

Vulnerability prioritization

Skybox finds and identifies the gaps an adversary will exploit first by analyzing exploitability, criticality, asset importance, and exposure. The Skybox algorithm prioritizes risk using a flexible, customizable formula that can be tailored to a customer’s unique business. The platform identifies the most effective remediation options, including network-based compensating controls to supplement patches and software updates for a defense-in-depth approach.

Network modeling and attack surface visualization

Security Architects can model how risks are mitigated with a layered combination of alternative native, custom, and other security controls. The Skybox network model enables path analysis and attack simulation to identify exposed vulnerabilities.

Targeted attack remediation

The Skybox Security network model identifies potential attack paths, enabling customers to prioritize which security controls will mitigate a threat or an attack. In addition to identifying redundant, weak, or risky rules, Skybox enables faster audit compliance reporting because of its comprehensive security control reports.

Integration with IT Service Management Tools (ITSM)

Improve decision-making and ITSM performance with an integrated view of how well security and IT teams are managing cybersecurity risks. ITSM integrations support strategic planning and an aligned approach to reducing cyber risk across the business.

De-risk IT/OT convergence

The cornerstone of an effective cybersecurity strategy is a comprehensive single pane of glass view of assets and vulnerabilities spanning IT, OT, and cloud environments. Skybox aggregates vulnerability information from active scanning solutions (such as traditional Vulnerability Assessment scanners), specialized passive scanning-based OT security platforms, and its unique scanless detection techniques to deliver the industry’s most advanced Vulnerability Management solution.

Skybox has helped over 500 enterprises and government organizations unlock exponential business value by improving their security efficacy.