Demo Resources

Demo: Path Analysis

A demonstration video showing one of the most important things you can do with the Skybox network map: path analysis.

Demo: Rule Compliance

Rule Compliance is a unique feature of Firewall Assurance, a solution that ensures best practices are being followed in ACL rule creation.

Demo: Rule Life Cycle Management

Without lifecycle management, recertification and rule usage investigation are both ad–hoc projects. With continuous life cycle management, the ongoing management of ACL rules becomes automated and is handled on a business–as–usual basis.

Demo: Rule Usage Analysis

Firewall rulesets typically grow over time. As the firewall gets older it inevitably begins to contain rules that are no longer needed and used. The task of finding unused rules and objects in handled in the optimization and cleanup feature of Firewall Assurance.

Demo: Security Metrics

Skybox's security metrics prioritization system is based on grouping hosts together into business units and business asset groups. Multiple "trees” can be created giving the organization flexibility in how they can view vulnerabilities.

Demo: Skybox Security Technical Overview

Skybox offers the broadest set of cybersecurity management solutions. Get the overview of how data integration, network modeling, attack vector analytics and threat intelligence solve multiple challenges from one platform.