Demo Resources

Demo: ZScaler and Skybox Integration

See how easy it is to collect and analyze Zscaler Cloud Firewall data in Skybox to improve compliance, change tracking, access analysis and troubleshooting across your hybrid network environment.

Demo: Firewall Change Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the verification phase of the Skybox Security change management workflow where we compare approved and implemented tickets with observed changes on the firewall.

Demo: Network Assurance Overview

This demo covers the four primary features of the Network Assurance modules of the Skybox Security Suite: access compliance, configuration compliance, network mapping and path analysis.

Demo: Network Map

The network map is a representation of the Skybox network model that is the foundation for many of the features and use cases of the Skybox Security Suite.

Demo: Operational Console

A video demonstration of the Skybox Security operational console highlighting our automation system.

Demo: Overlapping Rules

This demo shows how Skybox identifies overlapping rules in a firewall rule set.