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Vulnerability management programs needs context to be effective

Discover the value of risk-based vulnerability management programs. Ensure network and security data is properly contextualized to better prioritize where to focus vulnerability remediation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Consolidate active and passive scans.
  • Fill in scanner blind spots.
  • Use network context to prioritize remediation of riskiest vulnerabilities.

Are you wading into a data swamp? The threat landscape is volatile, and enterprises are understandably concerned. Security budgets are being reprioritized, shifting investments heavily to discovery tools like vulnerability scanners and EDRs. These investments flop if prioritization strategies are not in place to use the data they produce. Companies need a better way to contextualize data and prioritize the most dangerous risks properly.

This webinar covers the importance of using risk-based vulnerability management strategies. Topics include:
  • How disparate, unmerged data undermines the entire vulnerability management process.
  • How to use intelligence feeds to automate threat-centric vulnerability prioritization.
  • The game-changing impact of vulnerability exposure analysis to understand and mitigate unique risks in your organization.
  • How to improve incident response processes with on-demand visibility.