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De-risk IT/OT convergence: asset visibility and threat intelligence demo

Get a comprehensive view of IT and OT assets and vulnerabilities in a single pane of glass

Learn how to:
  • Collect and model data from IT and OT, using out-of-the-box technology connectors.
  • Aggregate vulnerability data from multiple different sources and analyse based on risk score.
  • Centralise visibility of IT & OT asset and vulnerability intelligence, through customised dashboard creation.

Part one of our exclusive four-part demo hour series; learn how you can eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks across your IT/OT networks.

No industry is safe from cyberattacks, but those with OT environments are particularly vulnerable due to unique risk factors. The OT attack surface is largely unknown or presents blind spots that magnify the possibility of exposure and increase risk.

Without visibility of the devices, connections, and security posture of OT networks, critical attacks and breaches will slip through the cracks. Companies with OT infrastructures need seamless visibility, contextual intelligence, and analytics-driven automation to reduce risk from exposures and establish consistent security policies in both IT and OT networks.

By aligning with the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture for OT across multiple use cases, Skybox can help organisations eliminate security blind spots by providing visibility of both the IT/OT attack surface assets and their associated vulnerabilities through a single pane of glass.

This demonstration covers a range of topics, including:
  • Why fragmented views of IT/OT are posing challenges to organizations.
  • Why continuous collection and analysis of data is critical to maintaining a robust security posture.
  • How a centralized view of assets and vulnerabilities across IT/OT can help to prioritize remediation effort more efficiently.
  • As the attack surface is increasing, how is maintaining an accurate view of the attack surface key to managing risk more effectively.
Presented by:
Technical Director Skybox Security
Aligned with the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture, this four-part demo hour series will walk through different use case to show how organisations can eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks across their IT/OT networks.
Senior Product Marketing Manager Skybox Security
John Stevenson is an industry veteran with over 29 years of experience in cybersecurity. An educator, writer, broadcaster, and marketer, John has led multi-million-pound projects for the implementation of cybersecurity education and best practice. He has managed the Critical Infrastructure groups at Skybox Security, Forcepoint, and Deep Secure and has worked with Gartner, Citrix, and IBM. John’s career spans the UK, Europe, the US, Japan, and the Middle East, helping build security solutions for some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world.