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Claroty and Skybox discuss OT security risks

Improve cybersecurity in an IT/OT converged world. Learn why OT networks have become an attractive target for threat actors and why developing cybersecurity by design is key.

Learn how to:
  • Why cybersecurity risk in OT environments has increased.
  • The drivers behind IT/OT convergence.
  • Implications for architecting the OT environment.
  • How VPN vulnerabilities impact OT attack surface.
  • How differing IT and OT objectives cause complexity.

With increased borderless networking, the need to have visibility across hybrid networks that stretch across traditional IT infrastructure, physical network infrastructure, software-defined networking, OT networks and multi-cloud network domains is paramount for organizations.

With the potential for exposure and the criticality of services at stake, it’s no wonder OT networks, have become such an attractive target for adversaries. OT environments have typically focused on managing operational risk to maximize availability and reliability. As such, the objectives of IT teams in charge of cyber-risk management have not aligned with those of engineers overseeing OT systems and devices.

Skybox integrations with leading OT security platforms such as Claroty give organizations with ICS and SCADA systems a way to gain crucial visibility across the hybrid IT/OT environment.