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Simplify security policy management across a complex attack surface


Discover how to manage security compliance and cyber security threats and vulnerabilities to support the distributed workforce and remote operations.

Learn how you can:
  • Correctly ensure policies across a more disparate and dispersed network.
  • Automate rule change workflows to streamline management.
  • Securely enable the remote workforce.
  • Implement best practices to mitigate risk.
  • Simplify compliance management.

The dramatic acceleration of digital transformation to support a distributed workforce and remote business operations has been tough on security and IT teams. Siloed security management processes, insufficient validation of security and network configurations, and immature vulnerability management programs no longer work. The truth is they never did. To effectively address these challenges, context is king. Context-aware change management ensures that you make accurate changes to networks and security configurations to protect against business-ending breaches.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the benefits of:
  • Unifying security policy and network configuration analytics to model change before it happens.
  • Enabling context-aware policy changes with network path analysis and attack simulation.
  • Proactively simulating policy changes to mitigate vulnerability exposure.
  • Validating policies and rules to maintain compliance and reduce risk.