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Cybersecurity solutions for a riskier world: benchmarking investments, results and best practices

Watch this CISO panel discussion to hear insights from the largest known global cybersecurity benchmarking study of C-level decision-makers from 1,200 organizations across 14 industries. The panelists explore how organizations are defending against rapidly rising cyberattacks, including their investment plans and statistically proven best practices.

During this webinar, you will learn:
  • How are the private and public sectors increasing their investments in people, process, and technology to build the highest level of identification, detection, protection, and resilience in a digital-first world?
  • What steps are organizations taking to ensure they have the right cybersecurity talent, skills, culture, and organization, including latest approaches to cybersecurity training and behavioral assessment?
  • How are organizations mitigating hidden risks embedded in interconnected supply chains, systems, devices, and products and services? Which digital solutions work best?
  • Which advanced analytical methods are organizations using to measure and forecast their risks, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity effectiveness, and which metrics are they reporting to senior management?
  • How do cybersecurity strategies, organization, investments, and performance metrics vary by industry, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services?
  • Which cybersecurity practices are most effective in reducing the probability of a breach and in accelerating the time to detect, respond to, and mitigate a breach?

With business going digital, and attacks and breaches escalating, cybersecurity is now at a critical inflection point. Unfortunately, our study of worldwide executives, including CSOs, CISOs and CEOs, do not think their organizations are well prepared for the risks ahead. Keeping up with digital innovation, ecosystems of suppliers, remote working, misconfigurations, and human error are just some of the stumbling blocks. Evidence-based analysis sheds light on how cybersecurity leaders build on compliance frameworks, like NIST and ISO, to achieve the best outcomes.

Download the executive summary as well as the full benchmark study.

Join Lou Celi, CEO, ThoughtLab; Paul Sussman, Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton; Duc Lai, CISO, University of Maryland Medical System; and Juan Morales, CISO, Realogy; as they discuss the findings of our 2022 cybersecurity research program.

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