Whitepaper: Next-Generation Vulnerability Management

Today’s cybersecurity threats frequently use vulnerabilities to penetrate enterprises, and most large enterprises have hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities on their network. To defend against these threats, vulnerability management has become a critical aspect of every enterprise’s security program. Yet, 49 percent of security professionals say their network is at least somewhat vulnerable to security threats largely because they are unable to evaluate and prioritize vulnerability data effectively.

This whitepaper introduces next-generation vulnerability management, which provides continuous vulnerability assessment, context-aware prioritization and integrated remediation of the network’s greatest at-risk vulnerabilities. This approach delivers significant benefits:

  • Non-disruptive, scanless vulnerability discovery
  • Analytic-driven prioritization
  • Context-aware remediation
  • Short cycle times

Discover how to raise the bar on your risk management with an end-to-end vulnerability management solution that enables same-day attention to critical cyber risks. Complete the form to download the whitepaper.

Next-Gen Vulnerability Management