Skybox Security Suite 10

Cut through complexity with the latest and greatest from Skybox

Simplify Cyber Risk Management

Skybox 10’s easy-to-use, flexible and customizable risk scoring, dashboards and widgets give you quick insight to your unique environment and its biggest risks.

With expanded integrations to support more cloud and operational technology (OT), Skybox is your one-stop-shop to unify security management across hybrid networks.

Intelligent automation brings harmony and efficiency to your multi-vendor environment, integrating data and yielding contextual insight. And Skybox customers can now leverage that insight in other solutions and processes via our REST API.

Skybox gives you a common reference point for your entire security program, improving team alignment, operational processes and systematically reducing risk.

Skybox 10 Key Features

Know Your Asset Vulnerability Risk

Skybox® Vulnerability Control’s new risk scoring feature gives you a straightforward number to rank and track risk on vulnerabilities, assets or groups over time. Users can customize risk scores based on a variety of factors to make sure they reflect their unique organization. 

Our intuitive web interface gives you quick access to the insights you need most — where do my exposed and exploitable vulnerabilities lie.

Customizable dashboards let you view risk from the perspective of vulnerabilities, assets or asset groups. And any dashboard you make can be turned into a report in a snap.

Asset Risk Overview in Skybox Vulnerability Control

Unify Policy Management Across
Hybrid Networks

Skybox® Firewall and Network Assurance let you monitor and manage security policy enforcement across on-prem and cloud networks from a single, intuitive web interface.

With seamless visibility of the hybrid topology and security controls, ensure the aggregate access doesn’t exceed what’s designed in policy.

Maintain continuous compliance and reduce risk even as the network changes with automated, intelligent change workflows to assess for policy violations and vulnerable asset exposure. Skybox also offers automated provisioning for Check Point, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco ASA and Cisco FirePower firewalls.

Policy Perspective in Skybox Firewall and Network Assurance

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Skybox for Cloud

Unify policy management across hybrid, multi-cloud networks, analyzing paths end to end, troubleshooting connectivity issues and centralizing vulnerability management

Skybox for OT

Take a holistic approach to securing connected IT and OT environments, model connections, spot vulnerabilities and limit exposures