Attack Simulation

Run virtual penetration testing every day to uncover cyberattack scenarios 

Battle-Ready Networks through Attack Simulation

See how your network is vulnerable to attack from a hacker’s viewpoint—find ways to bypass security controls and exploit vulnerabilities without the disruption or expense of a full penetration test.

Discover multi-step attack scenarios from any threat origin—internal, external, partner networks, even the cloud.  Prioritize by potential business impact, and get remediation recommendations that you can act on. 

Find your weaknesses before the attackers do and learn how to better protect your most critical assets every day.

Attack Simulation - Skybox Security - Battle-Ready Networks through Attack Simulation

Attack Surface Visibility

Skybox creates a model of your network’s attack surface, allowing you to explore the Indicators of Exposure (IOEs) that create cyberattack risks.

With Skybox, you have a virtual sandbox to uncover existing attack vectors and test planned changes to avoid new risks. 

Use virtual penetration testing to get actionable, prioritized remediation options so you can respond quickly to new threats. 

Attack Simulation - Skybox Security - Attack Surface Visibility

Leverage Existing Security Controls

Attack simulation shows you how your network and security controls would perform against real-world attack scenarios. 

Get recommendations that can help you improve network segmentation, update IPS signatures, use compensating controls and more.

Attack Simulation - Skybox Security - LEVERAGE EXISTING SECURITY CONTROLS

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Datasheet: Vulnerability Control

Vulnerability Control fills in blind spots left by scanning and prioritizes vulnerability remediation using the context of your network and exploits in the wild, helping you eliminate your biggest threats.

Attack Simulation: Be Your Own Worst Nightmare

Attack simulation sheds light on how your security measures might fare in the real world, where attackers exploit vulnerabilities, compromise hosts, and set up camp in behind your diligently compliant firewalls.