Attack Surface Visibility

Visualize your attack surface for ongoing situational awareness and risk reduction

Intelligent Protection through Attack Surface Visibility

Understanding and controlling your attack surface—the sum of all attack vectors against your organization—is a fundamental, game-changing security capability. But it’s hard to manage something you can’t see. 

Skybox gives you true visibility of your attack surface, turning hybrid network, security and endpoint information into a comprehensive picture of your attack surface.

With Skybox, see contributing factors that you can address to reduce your attack surface, contain cyberattack risks and achieve ongoing situational awareness. 

Attack Surface Visibility

Visualize and Analyze Indicators of Exposure

Security analytics point out indicators of exposure (IOEs) such as concentrations of vulnerabilities, unsecure device configurations, risky access rules and more. Widen or narrow your view of IOEs by filtering based on severity or time.  

Export views of the attack surface and IOEs to support security team discussions or communicate the impact of security strategies to upper management. 

Visualize and Analyze Indicators of Exposure

Attack Surface Modeling and Simulation

With attack surface modeling, you can see the complex interaction of security controls, network topology and vulnerabilities in the context of your business. And with Skybox support for hybrid IT environments, you can bring virtual, cloud and physical networks into one view.

This attack surface workspace gives you a place to perform sophisticated security analysis without disruption, such as attack simulation of multi-step attacks, predictive analysis of proposed network changes, access path analysis and more.

Attack Surface Modeling and Simualation

Risk-Reduction History and Trends

Skybox gives security leaders fast insight to what impact security efforts are having over time, intuitively showing progress toward strategic security goals or compliance requirements. Visual, interactive dashboards track, measure and report on improvements in cybersecurity risk-reduction, translating varied and complicated metrics into an easily digestible format. 

Focus on specific sites within the attack surface and compare current and past IOE levels to quickly see if security posture is improving or diminishing over time. And view full trend graphs to see progress in mitigating different categories of IOEs over time.  

Risk-Reduction History and Trends

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