Financial Services

The complexity of financial services cybersecurity can be overwhelming – Skybox simplifies processes, ensures compliance, enables digital transformation and helps businesses innovate securely.

8 out of 10

of the world’s top banks use Skybox

The world’s largest retail banks rely on Skybox every day to manage risk and secure innovation.


Security and Operational Tech Integrations

Skybox gives you big-picture perspective, making sense of data and ensuring maximum return on existing product investments.


SC Award Winner for Best Risk/Policy Management

Skybox continues to be recognized by industry awards, proving the exceptional caliber of our solutions time and again.

Seamless visibility across physical IT and multi-cloud environments

Skybox gives you complete visibility over your entire global infrastructure — in physical and virtual networks and public and private clouds. With this visibility, you can be confident in your ability to secure your perimeter and network segments, ensure policies are properly enforced and risk is strategically managed.

Simplified compliance management and same-day audits

With its intelligent, automated compliance processes and intuitive dashboards, Skybox empowers you to navigate past complexities, allowing your team to focus on supporting wider transformational initiatives. Even assure compliance as your network changes with automated rule creation and rule recertification workflows.

Common platform to address many security challenges

The strength of Skybox’s robust platform is cutting through complexity. By bringing together millions of data points and analyzing this information from multiple perspectives, we provide clear and actionable insights that improve, automate and orchestrate a variety of security management processes — from a single solution.


Skybox solutions for vulnerability management and policy management help financial service institutions manage security and compliance throughout their entire organization.

Program Manager

CISO - United Card Services

CISO - National Federal Credit Union

CSO - UK Financial Services Firm

Use Skybox to Support Your Business Initiatives 

“A key strategic issue for us was understanding any critical operational risks attendant upon the merger of the Lloyds TSB and HBOS networks and managing the impact of those risks. The combined team of BT and Lloyds Banking Group had a major planning success in correctly identifying the level of risk involved in vulnerability scanning. The accurate assessment and responsible reporting and mitigation planning of this risk were key to the project’s success.”

Program Manager Lloyds Banking Group

Automate 50% of Processes with Intelligent Workflows

“Skybox has optimized our existing information security tools and provided a new, high-level, proactive approach to security management. The solution takes into account the state of the IT infrastructure, the current threats to information systems, the mitigation measures in place and, importantly, the business context.”

CISO United Card Services

Acquiring Actionable Intelligence to Protect Critical Business Assets

“We’re focused on making Skybox the risk management center of our universe. We’re building dashboards that show risk across the entire enterprise to gain deep insight into our overall risk. It’s only possible because Skybox correlates our relevant business information with our real-world risks. It’s phenomenal technology.”

CISO National Federal Credit Union

Protecting Customer Banking While Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

“The ability to visualize actual threats and create a simulated attack scenario quickly identifies any asset that is susceptible to a potential security breach. It’s the only solution that could handle all of the security requirements of our growing organization.”

CSO UK Financial Services Firm

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