Firewall Auditing and Network Security

Intelligent security checks, rule compliance and optimization for firewall auditing

On-Demand Firewall Auditing

Assess firewall rules and platform configurations fast and consistently across all of your enterprise firewalls, including traditional and next–generation firewalls.

Automatically compare your firewall configurations to vendor best practices, identify rule violations and analyze access policies. Quickly find issues that can lead to security breaches or compliance violations.

Create firewall auditing documentation in minutes with out-of-the-box reports for industry standards or customize analysis to match your internal policies.

Firewall Auditing - Skybox Security - On-Demand Firewall Auditing

As the first line of defense, firewalls must be secure, optimized and compliant at all times.

Skybox delivers total visibility of your entire firewall estate by combining normalized configuration data from 18 different firewall vendors. Check firewalls continuously for security and compliance issues, and find vulnerabilities that could be exposed by a change.

Skybox enables large enterprises to automate auditing tasks, reducing firewall management time by up to 90%.

Firewall Auditing - Skybox Security - Automated Firewall Management

Continuous Rule Clean-Up

Identify unused rules, redundancies and rules that can be simplified to improve firewall security and speed up troubleshooting.

Comprehensive rule life cycle management means firewalls rulesets are clean and stay clean.

Firewall Auditing - Skybox Security - CONTINUOUS RULE CLEAN-UP

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