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Security analytics software that scales to enterprise security management needs

Our Approach

An Integrated Platform for Security in Context

Skybox empowers security managers to automatically turn vast amounts of data into contextual, actionable intelligence, and to establish a mature enterprise security management program. By combining powerful security analytics software with data integration, network modeling, automation and vulnerability and threat intelligence, Skybox gives you immediate insight to your biggest risks and how to deal with them.

With an integrated security platform, use "big picture" visibility to make fast, informed decisions to keep your organization secure, compliant and running smoothly now and into the future.

Security Analytics - Skybox Security - Our Approach


Security Analytics - Skybox Security - Financial Services

Financial Services

With a large amount of digital assets requiring complete protection, no where is the need for security more critical than the financial industry. From global banks to regional organizations, the requirements are clear: complete visibility of the attack surface, secure change processes and efficient threat intelligence processes are required to guarantee data protection and integrity for you and your customers.

Security Analytics - Skybox Security - Government


Federal agencies are responsible for a vast amount of information from personnel records to budgetary information to diplomatic communications. Any compromise of this data could have severe consequences. Maintaining control of this information on extremely large networks is a challenge for even the most advanced organizations.

Security Analytics - Skybox Security - Healthcare


The information contained in patient medical records is extremely valuable to cybercriminals. Most regions across the globe now require that these records are stored electronically. The intersection of these realities is why attacks on the healthcare industry are increasing rapidly and why it’s crucial to properly control access to this data.

Security Analytics - Skybox Security - Retail


As evidenced by several recent, highly publicized breeches, retailers are prime targets for modern hackers. The need to secure not only the core network, but all remote branches is paramount to keeping customer data secure. Combined with requirements to adhere to regulations like PCI, retailers face significant operational challenges.

Security Analytics - Skybox Security - Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

National power grids provide the foundation for life as we know it, and any disruption in that service would prove disastrous for the provider and the nation as a whole. Energy providers face unique challenges from industry regulations and the types of equipment they must support.



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