Rule Life Cycle Management

Continuous, automated firewall rule cleanup
and optimization

Manage New and Existing Rules with Intelligent Workflows

Without proper oversight, firewall rules can become an operational nightmare and create dangerous misconfigurations, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

Next-generation firewalls demand streamlined, comprehensive management from rule creation to termination. With Skybox solutions, automate and customize rule reviews in a way that makes sense for your business and security.

Take your rule life cycle management process from chaos to order with automated processes for rule review and firewall rule cleanup built to last.

Firewall Rule Cleanup - Skybox Security - Manage New and Existing Rules with Intelligent Workflows

Automated Rule Review Workflow

Enterprise networks change daily—sometimes hourly—to keep up with business needs. Stay on top of access and firewall changes with an automated review workflow.

Run fast assessments to determine if rules are required or violate compliance. If risky changes have to be made, set short recertification cycles to see if the rule can be changed or retired to minimize risk.

Automated reporting and tracking ensures rules are properly vetted and implemented as intended.

Firewall Rule Cleanup - Skybox Security - AUTOMATED RULE REVIEW WORKFLOW

Firewall Rule Cleanup that Lasts

Mature firewall management programs rely on standard, repeatable processes that regularly assess if rules are required, used or cause undue risk.

Total visibility and context-aware intelligence create a rule recertification workflow that fits your organization. Customize rule review frequency based on the risk classification, considering policy violations, protected asset value, vulnerabilities and more.

Rule owners are alerted on the review date with an automatically generated ticket containing any details necessary to decide how to recertify the rule.

Firewall Rule Cleanup - Skybox Security - FIREWALL RULE CLEANUP THAT LASTS

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