OT Security Management

Incorporate operational technology security management into a holistic security program

Unify IT, SCADA and ICS Network Security

The integrated security management platform from Skybox extends security management capabilities from your IT network to operational technology (OT) environments, including industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Gain seamless visibility across your hybrid network and manage security from one centralized platform. With comprehensive network modeling, Skybox gives you detailed path analysis and fast insight to vulnerabilities and exposures anywhere in your organization.

On-demand, contextual intelligence helps you better prioritize risk to secure the network, improve uptime and avoid potentially dangerous disruptions in critical infrastructure organizations.

Skybox data collection including OT networks

Visualize SCADA and ICS Networks

Breaking down the silos between IT and OT environments is vital to critical infrastructure cybersecurity.      

Skybox combines ICS and SCADA system data with information from the Skybox intelligence feed, threat intelligence feeds, attack vector analytics, SIEMs and more into an interactive, visual model.

With comprehensive network modeling, you can see OT and hybrid IT environments in one view and intuitively understand how the security of one could influence the other.

Hybrid model - on-prem, multi-cloud and OT

Analyze Security Exposures in Context

The Skybox model enables end–to–end path analysis from any source to any destination across hybrid IT and OT networks, giving insight to the exposure of vulnerable assets.

This contextual intelligence is especially important when prioritizing the thousands — even millions — of vulnerabilities in enterprise-scale networks. With Skybox's unique approach, you can be sure vulnerability management teams are focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities within reach of attackers.

Combining vulnerability and threat intelligence with comprehensive network visibility also sheds light on how OT network devices can be used in an attack path. 

Overview of OT vulnerabilities

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Solution Brief: Securing OT Networks with Skybox

Strengthen security in ICS and SCADA systems to maintain uptime and avoid disruptions with comprehensive visibility, end–to–end path analysis and fast vulnerability assessments.

Technology Brief: ForeScout and Skybox

Integration between Skybox and Forescout provides complete visibility across traditional IT, cloud and OT networks and contextual intelligence to understand risk.

Technology Brief: Claroty and Skybox

Integration between Skybox and Claroty provides complete visibility across traditional IT, cloud and OT networks and contextual intelligence to understand risk.