Vulnerability Management

Risk-based vulnerability prioritization
to focus action in the right place

Stop Chasing the Wrong Vulnerabilities

An enterprise network has thousands of vulnerabilities at any time, while new vulnerabilities — and exploits — are announced every day. Confirming the relevancy and impact of a new advisories can mean the difference between an event and a breach.

The Skybox vulnerability management solution takes a different approach to finding and prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation. Combining attack surface visibility, vulnerability and threat intelligence and attack vector analytics, Skybox pinpoints the vulnerabilities that put your organization most at risk, building an efficient vulnerability management program targeting your biggest risks.

Elevate every step of your process with a vulnerability management solution that is proven in the largest organizations in the world.    

Vulnerability Prioritization Concept

Scanless Vulnerability Assessment Fills in Blind Spots

Traditional vulnerability assessment tools can mean weeks between active scans and sections of the network left in the dark.

Skybox’s unique method to vulnerability assessment combines data from your vulnerability scanners, patch management systems, endpoint agents and more, merging their data and establishing a central repository

Skybox also uses scanless vulnerability assessment to fill in blind spots in traditionally "unscannable" zones and network devices, so your vulnerability data is complete and up to date every day.

Scanless Vulnerability Assessment: How it Works

Vulnerability Prioritization in Context

Using asset insight, network context and threat intelligence, Skybox analyzes your vulnerabilities from multiple perspectives to accurately determine risk.

Unique to Skybox is its ability to determine vulnerability exposure to threat origins. Through attack simulations, Skybox pinpoints vulnerable exposed assets, flagging them as a critical risk.

Skybox risk scores also consider vulnerability severity, asset importance and exploitability, among other factors.

Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management

Skybox Research Lab Intelligence

The Skybox Research Lab scours dozens of security data sources every day and investigates sites in the dark web, putting analyst-validated, up-to-date threat intelligence at your fingertips. 

This information is used throughout the Skybox Security Suite to correlate vulnerability and threat data with your unique environment, to focus efforts on risks most likely to be exploited by attackers. 

The Research Lab also provides information on available patches as well as IPS signatures that can be deployed to mitigate vulnerability risk.

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Tech Brief: Risk Scoring

Exposure and exploitability-based risk scores highlight critical-risk vulnerabilities, assets and groups. Straightforward and customizable risk scores let users measure and track risk levels over time.

Datasheet: Skybox Vulnerability Control

Vulnerability Control fills in blind spots left by scanning and prioritizes vulnerability remediation using the context of your network and exploits in the wild, helping you eliminate your biggest risks.