Vulnerability Management

Contextual vulnerability prioritization for immediate response to your most critical risks

A Vulnerability Management Solution that Eliminates New Attack Vectors NOW

An enterprise network has thousands of vulnerabilities at any time, and new vulnerabilities are announced every day. Confirming relevancy and impact of a new advisories can mean the difference in containing an attack or being exposed.

Skybox provides a superior vulnerability management solution that eliminates dangerous attack vectors fast. Skybox correlates data from multiple scanners, detects vulnerabilities in network devices and “unscannable” systems and applies attack surface context to vulnerability prioritization and remediation actions.

Elevate every step of your process with a vulnerability management solution that is proven in the largest organizations in the world.    

Vulnerability Prioritization - Skybox Security - A Vulnerability Management Solution that Eliminates New Attack Vectors NOW

Scanless Vulnerability Assessment Fills in Blind Spots

Traditional vulnerability assessment tools can mean weeks between active scans, disruption to critical services and sections of the network left untouched.  Relying on traditional methods can miss the most recent vulnerabilities and skip whole network zones, platforms or network devices.

Skybox’s unique approach to vulnerability assessment starts by correlating data from any existing scanners, then adds patent-pending scanless assessment to fill the gap between scans and covers systems your scanner can’t check. Using this method, Skybox can also detect vulnerabilities in virtual and cloud environments which often prohibit external vulnerability scanning.

You’ll have an accurate, immediate picture of vulnerabilities at all times to eliminate attack vectors.


Attack Surface Context for Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation

Skybox starts with visibility of your attack surface, but it’s more than just a pretty picture. With context-aware intelligence, vulnerability prioritization is done in a way that is unique to your organization—not just by a severity index rating.

Skybox shows you vulnerabilities that can be exploited in an attack vector targeting important assets, so you can fix them first. Those that are protected by existing controls can wait.    

Remediation options are based on your security controls and organization’s needs.   Skybox provides details to patch vulnerabilities by platform or verify a change to IPS signatures to shield important systems.


22 vulnerability and threat data sources in one intelligence feed

Skybox combines 22 vulnerability and threat intelligence data sources into a comprehensive vulnerability intelligence feed.

The Skybox Vulnerability Research Team matches known exploits to vulnerabilities and adds the likelihood of attack and other advanced exploitability intelligence.

Vulnerability Prioritization - Skybox Security- 22 vulnerability and threat data sources in one intelligence feed

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