Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management

Skybox™ Vulnerability Control supports a systematic, focused approach to vulnerability management unlike any other vendor. It starts with comprehensive visibility of your attack surface, including:

  • Network topology
  • Security controls
  • Asset information  

Skybox uses this context to find exposed vulnerabilities in reach of attackers and remediation options to protect critical assets.

Vulnerability Control further prioritizes vulnerabilities using up-to-date vulnerability and threat intelligence from the Skybox Research Lab. Vulnerabilities with exploits used in the wild are put at the top of your priorities list, while the rest are slated for gradual risk reduction and monitored for changes in exposure or exploitability.

Attack Surface Visibility and Control

With complete visibility of your network (including in hybrid IT and OT networks) you have the context needed to make key security management decisions in the face of rapid change, growth and complexity.

Skybox™ Horizon gives you a visual, interactive model of your attack surface, matching indicators of exposure (IOEs) to their location in your network and the risk level they pose. Use Horizon to quickly spot and get details on:

  • Vulnerabilities exposed in your network, actively exploited in the wild or with a published exploit code
  • Unsecure device configurations
  • Risky access rules

Horizon also tracks risk levels over time, so you can easily view trends, communicate progress with management and inform future strategy and investments.

Where Good Intelligence Comes From

The Skybox Research Lab is a team of analysts who scour dozens of data feeds daily and conduct investigations of sites in the dark web. The intelligence they provide powers Skybox’s threat-centric approach to vulnerability management.

Research Lab analysts validate and enhance vulnerability data using their knowledge of attack trends, cyber events and cyberattacker techniques to determine which vulnerabilities are being exploited in the wild and packaged in ransomware, malware, exploit kits and social engineering attacks.

Read about their latest research here.

Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Skybox Research Lab findings play a role in every product of the Skybox Security Suite, providing intelligence on the current threat landscape to improve vulnerability and threat management, attack surface visualization — even firewall and change management.

Skybox uses this intelligence feed to:

  • Correlate vulnerabilities in your environment with those being actively exploited in the wild
  • Determine remediation options using information on IPS signatures, vendor-suggested solutions, etc.
  • Model how network changes could impact security or compliance status