Protect critical data and services against attacks, while driving efficient security management processes

Skybox Security Solutions Overview

The Attack Surface Expands

Target. Anthem. OPM. The stakes keep getting higher in cyber security. Business and government agencies are under siege from lone wolf hackers to advanced threats with nation-state backing. The potential payout to attackers is more lucrative than ever, with high-profile intrusions occurring daily to gather personal data, trade secrets, or simply to ruin a victim’s reputation.

Out-dated security practices are only making it easier on new-age cyber criminals. Traditional methods can take weeks to find, analyze, and respond to threats, while a motivated attacker can identify and exploit network weaknesses in minutes. You need cutting-edge solutions to level the playing field and start acting on the hacker’s timetable.

The attack surface continues to expand, with new vulnerabilities discovered every day, endpoints forever escalating, and network architecture changing more rapidly than ever before. Next-generation security must limit attack opportunities and greatly minimize your attack surface; the first step is to see it.


The Skybox Approach

Total network visibility combined with analytic-driven intelligence helps keep you on top of your security controls and a step ahead of attackers. With a comprehensive network model, you have a workable space to assess weaknesses and better protect critical assets on a daily basis.  Find and fix vulnerabilities faster than new attack vectors are introduced. Simulate attacks to understand access paths. Keep security gaps closed, optimize firewall rule sets, and avoid risky changes or compliance policy violations.

Skybox Security uses powerful risk analytics to cut through your network data so you can focus action where it counts. Go beyond scanning to assess vulnerabilities daily even on network devices and other “un-scannables” and prioritize risk in the context of your organization. Minimize firewall configuration errors and take command of your security policy management all from one platform. Automate workflows to track progress and audit effectiveness. See everything with Skybox.

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