Protect critical data and services against attacks, while driving efficient security management processes

Skybox Security Solutions Overview

Heartbleed, Target, Adobe: businesses are under siege by cybercriminals looking for financial gain and political actors looking for trade secrets. The stakes have never been higher. The potential payout to attackers is enormous. 

Today’s common security practices only compound the problem. A security team needs weeks to find, analyze, and mitigate vulnerabilities, while a motivated attacker could find a known vulnerability on a network and exploit it in minutes. It’s a wildly uneven match.

Security practices should minimize the attack surface, reducing the number of opportunities for attacks. Yet the attack surface continues to expand with new vulnerabilities discovered every day, an escalating number of endpoints, and daily network architecture changes.

In order to reduce risk, you must find and fix vulnerabilities faster than new attack vectors are introduced. Otherwise, the attack surface grows, giving cybercriminals unabated access to your network.

Skybox Security uses powerful risk analytics to detect, prioritize, and drive remediation of critical risks such as exposed vulnerabilities, firewall configuration errors, and risky access paths–in minutes.

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