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Eliminate OT security risk

Find the unfindable. Foresee the unseeable. Fix the unfixable.

At Skybox, we provide a unified view of assets, controls, configurations, and vulnerabilities across your IT and OT environments. With our platform’s robust exposure analysis and threat intelligence, we help you eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk, and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks.

De-risk IT/OT convergence

No company is safe from cyberattacks, but those with OT environments are particularly vulnerable. Eliminate OT security blind spots, reduce risk, and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks. Unlock complete visibility, analytics and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments.

With Skybox for OT you can:

  • Bring on-premises, multi-cloud, and OT environments into a single and complete model of your attack surface.
  • Maintain compliance with rule and access analysis.
  • Analyze access end-to-end to troubleshoot connectivity issues and protect critical assets.
  • Find exposed vulnerabilities anywhere in your organization and prioritize remediation based on risk.
  • Automate and orchestrate processes to maintain uptime and avoid costly or dangerous disruptions.

Operational technology integrations

We integrate with OT technology vendors to centralize, automate, and connect IT and OT networks. We collect data from IT, cloud, and OT networks including firewall and security controls, L2/L3 network configurations, OS information, SW versions, interfaces, and more.

Skybox integrations give critical infrastructure and manufacturing organizations assurance to analyze and manage the convergence of different environments consistently and securely. We merge and normalize IT, OT, and cloud information to build a comprehensive model that provides total visibility across hybrid environments and a standard reference for all infrastructure, asset, and vulnerability data.