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Vulnerability Control

Discover vulnerabilities, prioritize based on exposure-based risk scores, and close with prescriptive remediation options.

Product features and benefits

Vulnerability discovery

Aggregate a wide range of data from scanners, security and network infrastructure, various configuration databases, non-scannable assets and more. Fill in blind spots using unique passive assessment technology that detects vulnerabilities in off-limits network zones and devices.

Vulnerability prioritization

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on CVSS severity, asset importance, exploitability, and exposure.

Vulnerability remediation

Select remediation options that reduce the greatest risk to include applying IPS signatures, firewall rules, security tags, configuration changes, software updates and patches.

Vulnerability reporting and oversight

Develop accurate reporting and an understanding of trends over time to improve predictability. Visualize and easily identify potential adverse impacts to risk scores, such as decreases in scan frequency, or the number of machines scanned and an increase in high-risk or exposed vulnerabilities

Introducing Skybox Vulnerability Control Cloud Edition

The most flexible deployment options for prioritizing and mitigating vulnerabilities and exposures in complex multi-cloud estates.

Protect your cloud journey

Scalable, modern, cloud-enabled solution for unprecedented attack surface visibility.

Increase time-to-value

Easier onboarding and seamless upgrades for instant access to our latest innovations.

Reduce operational burden

Relieve your valuable technical resources of server-maintenance and software-installation responsibilities.

Take advantage of the first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy and vulnerability risk prioritization in hybrid environments with these scalable, modern solutions.

Vulnerability discovery

Vulnerability Control fills in blind spots of unscannable network devices through our unique passive assessment. We utilize data collected from integrations with asset repositories and network information sources and compare the information to our intelligence feed to deduce vulnerability occurrences in your network.

  • Discover vulnerabilities on-demand with multi-source aggregation and passive scanning.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in hybrid and multi-cloud networks.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on complete and accurate data.

Vulnerability prioritization

Vulnerability Control builds a unique risk score that highlights critical vulnerabilities on assets that are of high importance. Furthermore, it places a higher priority on those critical vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild and are exposed to threat actors, whether internal or external.

  • Automate vulnerability analysis based on CVSS severity, asset importance, exploitability, and exposure.
  • Assign risk scores to vulnerabilities, assets, groups.
  • Prioritize remediations that will have the greatest impact.

Vulnerability remediation

Vulnerability Control integrates with leading ticketing systems to orchestrate and validate remediation of high priority vulnerabilities. Intelligent trend widgets help to track remediation success over time, thus providing insight into change management procedures that can be optimized to further improve remediation time.

  • Gain data to accelerate decision making.
  • Apply prescriptive remediation solutions that rapidly close security gaps.
  • Remediation processes to break down silos and increase efficiencies.

Vulnerability management and oversight

By combining daily threat intelligence feeds with the rich context acquired from across your corporate security stack, Vulnerability Control builds a unique risk score. The Vulnerability Control dashboard reports on trends over time and emphasizes downward trends that could negatively impact risk scores.

  • Measure risk across different environments and its impact across the business.
  • Understand trends over time.
  • Simplify executive reporting.

Featured integrations

We collect, normalize, and analyze data from major vulnerability scanners, configuration databases, asset management systems, network infrastructure, cloud technologies, and OT systems. These rich data sets enable timely vulnerability discovery, accurate risk scoring, exposure-based vulnerability prioritization, accurate risk scoring, and precise remediation.

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Security Posture Management Platform

Strengthen your overall security efficacy and reduce risks that expose your network to cyberattacks.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Get the full context of your attack surface across hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks. Find where you are exposed to cyberattacks, quantify exploitation risk, prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities, and select optimal remediations solutions.

  • Vulnerability Control

  • Threat Intelligence Service

    Identify vulnerabilities and mitigate potential exploits within your hybrid networks.