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Learn the fundamentals and best-practices to get the most from your Skybox solutions.

Available to both customers and partners, Skybox provides comprehensive training programs for executives, end-users, and administrators. You can start now with self-paced, online modules, or embark on a path to official certification that is optimized for your specific use-case and product implementation. Course attendees will become familiar with the variety of features and configurations to maximize the usability of their Skybox solution and minimize oversight.

Online training

Skybox offers multiple foundational learning paths that provide an overview of Skybox features and workflows used for attack surface visibility and risk prioritization across the entire organization. Set up in a modular approach, Skybox Online Training allows you to take entire courses or just a portion, depending on your available time and needs. All online courses are FREE for Customers and Partners.

The Skybox Fundamentals online training is designed for all stakeholders and users to both understand the basic principles and functions of the Skybox platform, and provide the building concepts for a full-certification path.

Get started with free customer training:
Watch the Video: “Intro to the Skybox Training Portal”

End-user training

End–user training courses are designed for firewall administrators, security analysts, network operations engineers, compliance officers, security auditors, risk managers, change agents and other similar roles. Course topics cover everyday workflows that enhance your ability to use Skybox in support of business activities and are reinforced with hands–on experience.

The modular structure of our end–user courses enables you to receive training only for purchased products and in alignment with deployment schedules. We offer instructor–led training in both in–person and virtual formats. In-person training and hands–on lab sessions can also be conducted at your preferred site.


All Skybox End-User and Administrator courses confer certification.

Administrator course training

Certified Administrator training courses are designed for network engineers, IT system administrators, IT security administrators, network architects and other similar roles. These training courses teach participants how to perform common administrative tasks and how to integrate them into existing corporate processes.

Discussion topics are reinforced with hands-on experience of day-to-day activities. We offer instructor–led training in both in–person and virtual formats. In-person training and a hands–on lab sessions can be conducted at your preferred site.

Custom training

We provide custom-build training solutions to achieve your specific training goals. Each course can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business and can be delivered at your site, at a Skybox office or remotely in a virtual classroom.

Custom training gives you the best-in-class, instructor-led training that your team needs to effectively use Skybox products and support the organization’s business goals. This offer requires a detailed scoping session to understand your requirements and recommend a solution that is aligned with your goals. Contact your account manager to discuss your training needs.