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May 18, 2022

Skybox Security unveils the industry’s most advanced vulnerability management solution that quantifies cyber risk exposure in financial terms

Network model empowers customers to identify cyber risk exposure and calculate potential financial impact of cyberattacks

News summary
  • Pinpoints cyber risks with the highest potential financial impact
  • Prioritizes vulnerabilities and automates mitigation strategies across complex hybrid environments
  • Quantifies investments in proactive cybersecurity and automates reporting
Recent press releases

Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report 2022

Read report to:
  • Get insight into the rapid evolution of the threat landscape.
  • Learn why traditional vulnerability management tools are not good enough to prevent todays breaches.
  • Uncover the reasons why new cryptojacking and ransomware programs top Malware list in 2021.
  • See how Log4Shell spotlights supply chain risk.
  • Learn new ways to de-risk IT/OT convergence.
  • Find out why advanced cybersecurity risk scoring is essential for today’s attack surface management.
  • Get the blueprint for how organizations are shifting security programs from detect-and-respond to prioritize-and-prevent.

Recent Awards

Best Vulnerability Management Solution

Unique Skybox solution capabilities such as vulnerability prioritization, exposure management, cyber risk quantification and a proprietary network model put Skybox ahead of the competition.

Editor’s Choice: Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, and Management

Selected for our industry-leading solution with best-in-class return on investment and innovating in unexpected ways that mitigate cyber risk.

Market Leader: Risk-based Vulnerability Management

RSA Award honors the most innovative and valuable global cybersecurity companies.

Elite 80 Private Companies

Skybox Security recognized as future cybersecurity titan for risk assessment and management innovations

Recent Media Coverage

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May 10, 2022
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May 1, 2022
Report: 88% increase in OT vulnerabilities last year
April 20, 2022
Skybox Security Research Reveals 42% Rise In New Ransomware Programs In 2021
April 12, 2022

About Skybox Security

Over 500 of the largest and most security-conscious enterprises in the world rely on Skybox for the insights and assurance required to stay ahead of dynamically changing attack surfaces. Our Security Posture Management Platform delivers complete visibility, analytics and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities across your organization. The vendor-agnostic solution intelligently optimizes security policies, actions and change processes across all corporate networks and cloud environments. With Skybox, security teams can now focus on the most strategic business initiatives while ensuring enterprises remain protected.

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