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Firewall Assurance

Improve cyber hygiene and risk management with centralized, optimized firewall management.

Product features and benefits

Connect and centralize

Centrally manage traditional, next–gen, virtual, and cloud–based firewalls and secure access service edge (SASE) solutions from multiple vendors. Manage east–west and north–south traffic easily and effectively

Automate and optimize

Automate and improve cyber hygiene tasks, including logging, configuration, and change tracking. Find and eliminate redundant, shadowed, or overly permissive firewall rules. Conduct rule usage analysis, optimize rules, and complete faster ruleset audits. Automate and customize firewall reporting.

Improve security and reduce compliance risk

Detect access policy violations, rule conflicts, and misconfigurations. Ensure compliance for configurations, rules, and firewall access. Identify vulnerabilities within your firewalls and mitigate potential exploits leveraging Skybox Threat Intelligence.

Introducing Skybox Firewall Assurance Cloud Edition

The first complete SaaS offer for managing firewall policy in hybrid environments

Protect your cloud journey

Scalable, modern, cloud-enabled solution for unprecedented attack surface visibility.

Increase time-to-value

Easier onboarding and seamless upgrades for instant access to our latest innovations.

Reduce operational burden

Relieve your valuable technical resources of server-maintenance and software-installation responsibilities.

Take advantage of the first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy and vulnerability risk prioritization in hybrid environments with these scalable, modern solutions.

Firewall vulnerability detection and risk mitigation

By analyzing configuration data and OS versions against the Skybox intelligence service, Firewall Assurance can spot platform vulnerabilities on firewall devices.

  • Analyze physical, virtual, and cloud firewalls.
  • Identify access violations, rule conflicts, and misconfigurations.
  • Automate cyber hygiene tasks.

Rule base optimization

Firewall Assurance has all you need to ensure clean, optimized, and compliant security controls and network devices. Automate firewall audits to find unused, shadowed, and redundant rules to improve analysis and firewall performance.

  • Unify firewall management.
  • Orchestrate tasks based on context and policy requirements.
  • Automate optimization and clean up.

Firewall rule usage optimization

With Firewall Assurance you can identify unused rules and redundancies, along with rules that can be simplified, to improve firewall security and speed up troubleshooting. Comprehensive rule life cycle management means that firewall rulesets stay clean.

  • Find unused, shadowed, and redundant rules.
  • Identify overly permissive rules.
  • Simplify rule-recertification

Firewall access and rule compliance

The Skybox Firewall Assurance solution ensures and demonstrates proper configuration of network devices and security controls in accordance with CIS hardening guidelines and a wide range of compliance standards including PCI, NERC, NIST, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR.

  • Prevent access violations and detect compliance problems.
  • Track firewall changes and maintain compliance.
  • Test policy updates before implementation.

Featured integrations

We integrate with all major firewall vendors. Our integrations with existing ticketing systems allow you to centralize and formalize change requests and comply with audit requirements.

Get the most value out of your Skybox products.

We strive to provide the best experience possible when deploying our products in your environment. We offer an array of professional services and training packages that are tailored based on your needs. We also have a robust partner ecosystem to provide innovative solutions and add value to your Skybox experience.

Professional services

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Security Policy Management

Connect, normalize, and optimize network and security data for comprehensive visibility, control, and insights.

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